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  1. Thanks for this info! Regarding radiology fellowships at what point in radiology residency do we apply for them (beginning of 3rd year?) and roughly when do you find out if you get accepted to the fellowship? Thanks!
  2. Hi guys, Anyone have any tips on doing long distance in med school/residency who have gone through it and succeeded? Also if anyone knows, do most 5 year programs let you do electives anywhere in Canada in the upper years? Thank you!
  3. I see, thanks! Ya my girlfriend and I decided not to couple match in the end as we couldn’t really agree on a ROL. Now that the deadline has passed, I find myself pondering that I’d have been happy with any of the excel sheet options we had. Also already googling about the transfer process. Hard to know if we did the right thing
  4. Can you elaborate on the ruined lives comment? Thanks!
  5. Anyone out there ever been stuck on couple matching before and have any advice on how they decided to or not to? My girlfriend and I are at a cross roads, one of us is very focused on only living and working in 1 location whereas I am more flexible any advice would be of great assistance
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