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  1. Hey Johnboy, incoming MS1 here. I'm also looking into MOTP. I need to get more concrete details from the recruiting folks, but based on my conversations with a few past, and current MOTP/MMTP students, it varies depending on the needs of the military at that time. There's a few residencies highlighted on the recruiting website that are more in demand, and could be covered; emergency medicine, orthopedics, anasthesiology, psychiatry, PHPM.. I believe they also fund +1s in Emerg'. I think the general process is, you finish FM and work as a GD-MO (General Duties Medical Officer - Aka Family Doc) for a few years (3-5?) after which you could potentially apply for that second residency. Financially, it would mean getting paid an MO salary while undergoing a 5(+) yr residency, with a 5 year return of service (ROS) afterwards. Feel free to PM or be in touch if you want to chat further.
  2. Hey everyone - chiming in here. My friend and I are in the same boat - he emailed admissions, and they mentioned that if you have nothing to update since you last submitted your transcripts (i.e. you graduated prior to applying), there's no need to submit another set of transcripts.
  3. Got off the waitlist - 10:16AM today. Fingers crossed for my future classmates here!
  4. Result: Waitlisted (Accepted off the Waitlist - 26 May) Timestamp: 9:32am 2YRS: 3.79 MCAT: 510 (126/129/128/127) ECs: Fairly strong - quite active in the latter half of my undergrad. Clubs, societies, leadership positions. Research volunteering, research employment, wet lab stuff, clinical stuff. Working with vulnerable populations, education & outreach/advocacy. Few poster presentations and awards, one manuscript pending. Longstanding nontraditional employment + leadership. It's been a long road. Interview: Was a little nervous walking into it, but felt good, and confident. Was (internally) taken back by a few of the MMI prompts, but always felt I had something to offer. Panel was rough and interrogatory, but I was able to address their questions well. Definitely walked out of the panel a little shaken, but.. I didn't take it personally (nor should you, should this happen to be you in the future). In-person or Virtual: In-person Year: Undergrad complete (2016) Geography: IP Really hoping for Queens this year.. so fingers crossed! Edit: Accepted off the waitlist 26 May, will be accepting. Thrilled to be joining QMED2024
  5. Ain't no party like a waitlist party! Waitlisted here as well =)
  6. Yeah that's odd - If one is a Quebec resident and is admitted to a medical undergrad program in Ontario, would you even be able to transfer residency? Or would it be like most other undergrads where you're not eligible for residency in your province of study unless you're working X amount of hours/not engaged in full-time studies?
  7. Overall, I really enjoyed the experience - shout out to the UBC Med students and staff who helped create an organized and welcoming environment. It was fun getting a chance to chat and meet some of the diverse interviewees. Also, anecdotally, speaking to a few people that have interviewed elsewhere, they said that UBC was one of the more pleasant MMI circuits they've done. (Also, how gorgeous is that life sciences center? Yeesh!) I spent some time meditating/exercising that morning, and walked into it feeling oddly calm, which was nice (I'm hoping I was able to relay at least a little of that to the other folks I chatted with before we started). As far as how the MMI went; it was pretty much as expected. I'm the type of person that enjoys chatting and engaging with new people, so if anything, the MMI felt like an exercise in that. I found it helpful to walk into each new station with an attitude of, "Cool, that was fun, let's do this" - It takes the pressure off, if you take it a little less seriously, IMO. By the end, I think we were all exhausted - but it's my understanding that it's to be expected, so I'm not too concerned about that dragging down my performance. Overall, felt good about it! I'm on the lower end of the MCAT and GPA stream, so we'll see what happens, but I wish everyone luck, regardless
  8. Status: Invite Time Stamp: Feb 3rd, 12:17pm EST Stream: MD MCAT: 510 (126/129/128/127) 2yr GPA: ~3.80 Current year: UG Completed ECs: Non-trad. Long-term and varied employment in various fields; allied health work, clinical research. Some work with vulnerable populations, harm reduction education + outreach. Exposure w/clubs and societies in undergrad. A few summers of research + research projects/classes; a few poster presentations (locally, provincially, nationally), but no pubs (one manuscript). A few awards from said research. Included hobbies and passions in my ABS as well - filled in my 32 entries.
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