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  1. Thank you for letting us know. I'm assuming its a rejection or waitlist at this point, especially given that I'm out of province!
  2. Still haven’t heard anything yet. Hopefully soon!
  3. I am also waiting to hear back still, and anxious to receive an email!
  4. Is anyone else still waiting for an update from McGill for OT QY? My application is still under review. I know they said May/June, but some people have heard back already.
  5. Still waiting on a response from McGill OT QY too. Fingers crossed for an update soon!
  6. Thanks so much for your response! Please do keep us posted if you call. Given the interview date is soon approaching, I really hope we hear soon!
  7. Still waiting for an email from UBC for Physio. Has anyone inquired with the department regarding the status of their application? I am wondering if we’ll get an email either way, or only if we get an interview.
  8. Still waiting for UBC PT as well, but I got my OT invite this morning. Hopefully we hear back about PT this afternoon!
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