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  1. To clarify S/NS is what my university(UOttawa) refers to pass/fail courses
  2. Hello everybody, I started out ok in the second semester and started to get As and A+s in my second midterm, but once the pandemic hit my grades took a nose dive, with me getting a C+ and 2B+s, how bad of an effect will these score have on my med school applications, I had worked hard in getting my grades up all semester and the conversion into online exams ruined my scores. for clarification the two B+s are in Biology and anatomy wile the c+ was in organic chemistry 1 My university now offers a S/NS grading system and I am unsure if I should take it or not, how do med schools look at such grades?
  3. I am currently a 1st year Biomedical science student at the university of Ottawa, I am contemplating switching to English and taking my pre requisite classes as electives, I attended an English class and was very interested in the discussion and content of the course. Being this late into the curriculum, is it a bad idea to switch to English? I have taken a total of 10 courses and will be finishing 1st year as a Biomed I heard that medical schools like people with a degree different form your typical premed/Biology degree, is this true? Any thoughts regarding this matter would be greatly appreciated PS: I am not sure where I should post this, this part of the forum seemed appropriate, do correct me if I am mistaken
  4. Hello everybody, I am new to this forum, I found out that I don’t need to explicitly take a science degree to get into medical school, it is possible with an arts degree too, I am currently a 1st year Biomed student at the university of Ottawa and I was planning on switching to English next and taking the prerequisites as electives. Is this a solid choice or foolish. I would like to keep law school or teaching as a backup and an English degree gives me those options. Any advise would be greatly appreciated
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