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  1. Result: Waitlist #14 Pre-req GPA: 4.0 DAT: PAT 20, MDT 11 Feeling out of interview: thought it went pretty well, only a few stations felt average and the rest seemed good - but maybe not haha OOP Comments: a little disappointed since I thought the interview went well. But it's a tough interview and everyone seemed so great. Last year OOP waitlist got to #12 but the few years before that seemed to only go to around #8 so I'm not holding my breath. For other people asking, last year the IP waitlist only got to #5 but the few years before that they got to anywhere from #11-20!
  2. Accepted! GPA: 3.98 (out of 4) AA: 21 PAT: 20 Completed BScH Felt like the interview was almost too chill, but thought it went well!
  3. Has anyone called to ask by chance? I need to stop constantly refreshing my email haha
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