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  1. I asked Jo-Anne about references and she told me "I do not believe we are requesting references this year. If anything changes, you will be notified."
  2. Does anyone have any idea as to how much MDT will matter to Dal this year? They supposedly didn't use DAT marks to decide interview invites, so I assume it will come into play for final decisions? Since it's the first year they are considering MDT, do you think it will matter a lot or just be basically a check mark whether you did it or not, like McGill does I believe?
  3. IP Last 2 years GPA: 4.0/4.0 3 higher sciences GPA: 4.0/4.0 DAT marks: RC 22, Bio 18, Chem 24, PA 23, MDT 11 (yikes)
  4. Result: Waitlist #14 Pre-req GPA: 4.0 DAT: PAT 20, MDT 11 Feeling out of interview: thought it went pretty well, only a few stations felt average and the rest seemed good - but maybe not haha OOP Comments: a little disappointed since I thought the interview went well. But it's a tough interview and everyone seemed so great. Last year OOP waitlist got to #12 but the few years before that seemed to only go to around #8 so I'm not holding my breath. For other people asking, last year the IP waitlist only got to #5 but the few years before that they got to anywhere from #11-20!
  5. Accepted! GPA: 3.98 (out of 4) AA: 21 PAT: 20 Completed BScH Felt like the interview was almost too chill, but thought it went well!
  6. Has anyone called to ask by chance? I need to stop constantly refreshing my email haha
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