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  1. I'm a student at Mac right now and have overheard profs from OT and med talking about how the interviews will be moved to online format. It's been done before in other situations, so I wouldn't worry.
  2. You might have a chance if the cut-off is less than last year's (it has happened - in 2017 was 3.82, then 2018 moved down to 3.81 cutoff). But based on their wording on the website, "After the Admissions Committee reviews each applicant’s academic qualifications and completes a file review, a sub-GPA cutoff is determined based on the application pool. Only top applicants are invited to write the Computer Administered Profile (CAP) online on Saturday, April 25, 2020." it looks like you only move to the CAP if you make that cutoff. Best of luck!
  3. When I applied 2 years ago, I got my email at 5pm so may not be until the very end of the business day!
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