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  1. Hi everyone! I hope you're all doing well today I'm on here looking for a little bit of advice... In my first year of undergrad, during my first semester I scored a D in chemistry, but during second semester I got it up to an A-. Other than that, I got all As/A+s. If I take out that D from my gpa, my gpa (unweighted) would be a 3.97, but with it, it's a 3.8 (these are the projected numbers for when I apply during third year, I'm currently in second year). I want to apply during my third year to UofT and maybe one or two other med schools. I already have a bunch of extracurriculars/activities that would really make me stand out in my application, good references, and a genuine story on why I want to be a doctor. My only problem is that 3.8, which could be a 3.97 without that chem mark. I was hoping you guys can help me figure out what option is best for me, or at least give me your opinion... do you guys think I should: a. write an academic explanations essay to talk about why I did so bad (My reason: my family was going through some financial issues- we were/are living below the poverty line- and I was worried about keeping my marks up in the other courses to maintain my scholarship, so I kind of got my self into a mess with my mental health because of all of the pressure I was under, and almost flunked chem) b. Just apply and shoot my shot with a 3.8 (It was still technically my fault that I got the D in chem. So I just have to suck it up and take the hit) c. Don't apply during third year and use the weighted gpa system during my fourth year. (I really wanted to apply and hopefully get in during third year because that would've meant I don't have to pay for my fourth year of undergrad. As much as I love my undergrad experience and what I'm studying, I really wanted to minimize the costs, if possible). I would really appreciate your input!! Thank you guys for all of your help <3 *Edit: Typo
  2. Hey congratulations on your acceptances! Is it okay if I pm you? I have a few questions about applying to the uk and the process as a Canadian student.
  3. I applied for QUARMS last year, unfortunately I didn't get in at the end, but I know some people who did. I honestly don't understand why there's so much hate towards those kids since the students admitted to this program are absolutely exceptional students. Judging by the students that were accepted in my year, their averages for the most part were around the 99-100% range which indicates an incredible amount of hard work throughout high school (trust me I know, I was one of them) and from the kids that I knew, they were really impressive (i.e.athletes, a champion of some sort, lots of awards, research experience, or even lots of community work). As someone who got rejected in the end, and trust me it hurt a lot (I probably took the rejection like someone who had gone through their first breakup), I honestly admire the people who got in, they were granted an opportunity of a lifetime, and rightfully so, through lots of hardworking and commitment. I just think that everyone has a different path to medicine, some are different than others, but getting into quarms is definitely no easy task, so I don't understand why so many people are hating on them because they have an advantage. Yes, they don't have to take the MCATs or worry about getting a 3.9-4.0 gpa, but they still have to face their own trials during their time in undergrad. The reason medical schools have such hard to meet requirements is because they want to make sure their students are prepared of the rigours of medical school and weed out the people who just want to be doctors for the money from those who truly have the passion to be a physican (because let's be honest if you don't, then I genuinely don't understand why you're putting yourself through this process). All in all, I just finished my first year at UofT and I honestly loved it. I ended with a pretty strong GPA and have been offered so many oppertunities to do research, volunteer, and I might even be going to an expedition to Egypt next summer with my anthropology professor! So, what I'm trying to say is, don't hate on them, each person just has a different path and sometimes that's what is meant for us, and it can be life's way of allowing us to experience new things, teach us lessons that we needed to learn, strengthen our character, or bring new people in our lives. At the end of the day, those 10 students who took up the spots from the other "deserving" undergrads, deserve it as well because if it wasn't going to be for this year then they would've (most likely) gotten in 3-4 years down the road. So, don't hate on other people's blessings and remember to count your own! If you are meant to be a doctor, and you truly are dedicated, then you will become one, just keep your head in the game!! P.s. @helloworldqwerty Congrats on your acceptance btw!! Maybe we'll be classmates one day, if I apply and get in during third year, lol
  4. Thanks for the tips, I think I'll give Kaplan a shot!
  5. Hi everybody! I just finished my first year of undergrad and I'm starting to think about taking the MCATs during the summer of my second year. I've been researching the best books and study resources and I have come down to purchasing either 1) The Princeton Review, or 2) the Kaplan books. Alongside one of those book packs I am also thinking of buying the AAMC complete mcat prep bundle. I would love to know what everyone else used and what they thought was the most helpful resource. Also I will be very thankful for any tips and tricks that can help me tackle this exam so that I can hopefully manage a competitive score! Thanks for all of your help again!
  6. Hey guys, I'm just wondering how much will my chances at getting into Queens or UofT med be affected due to a BAD first year chem mark. So, a little background, I'm a first year UofT student and I am taking a full course load, like many other med hopefuls, so far scoring all As or A+s and I am super confident that I will continue to do so in the years to come, because I'm getting into a specialist program, with courses that I'm naturally very good at... So with a strong work ethic I'm sure I'm fine. The only problem is, I unfortunately got a lower than expected mark in my first semester chemistry class (to be frank I was never really good at chemistry so I kind of put off looking at it until the very end) which sadly lead me to the situation I'm in right now. Good news is that I've actually started trying in the second semester course (chemistry is split up in 0.5 credits for each semester) and I think my second semester mark can reach an A- with A/A+s in my other courses, but I will still have that on my transcript. If I was applying during 4th year, I know this wouldn't really matter because of the wGPA, but I really wanted to apply during third year, and I feel I have a good list of credentials to go along with it. The only thing is that now my cGPA and my GPA overall is going to be terrible because of one bad grade in first semester of first year. Do you guys think I can write an academic explanations essay to explain how this one course does not define me overall or should I just not apply during third year and use the wGPA to my advantage during 4th year? Honestly I just find it very disheartening that my overall GPA would be around a 3.9+ according to OMSAS scale but because of that one mark now my chances are slim if I want to apply in third year. Sorry for the huge rant-like paragraph and I appreciate your input!
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