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  1. I used Nicole's notes only and got a 23... Majored in Chem too so my biology background is pretty mediocre.
  2. Wow. That helps a lot! Thanks:-) This convo took a nice turn around aha. Best of luck to you my guy. Maybe we'll cross paths again, but not likely in the Chemistry department...
  3. Man it's not about being professional or not. It's how you responded to my initial inquiry by being smug. I genuinely appreciated this response a lot more as you gave me valuable info. Also deleted the prior comment as it was immature on my side to point you out. Apologies for that. Keep doing you. Deuces.
  4. I agree. I guess i should have ignored him. Thanks dude/girl!
  5. Why would I not be okay? I'm just playing his game by being annoying but a lot more overtly. He could have replied without being irritating. I don't need his smug
  6. @SnowWhite that doesn't make sense to me frankly. Idk why western would set it up like that. Wouldn't some rather do a dds and then do a phd afterwards while working as a dentist... At least in this case you would earn some money to pay off your debt as you work on the PhD. I was hoping I'd get the first 2 years of exposure in dds and that would catapult me into the PhD with better fundamentals, finish the PhD, then finish the DDS. I'm going to reach out to the program director... Thanks tho!
  7. Does anyone know anything about the combined dds/phd program at western? Do we get a stipend or tuition relief? Can we go about doing the program like an MD/PhD (i.e. first 2 years in the dds program then 4 years phd then last 2 years of dds). I'm interested in pursuing research but not much info is on there... it seems that UofT doesn't have a combined program. I wonder if other schools in Canada have the combined program... thanks in advance!
  8. Depends on the schools you're gunning for. You seem competitive for UofA and UofT, but may be disqualified from Western. McGill is doable, UBC is doable... I don't know about the rest. Killer score btw! I'd just run it this cycle with it considering your GPA + graduate degree!
  9. DAT crusher is golden. Used it for everything except MDT (cause was short on study time), and it payed off big time. It's a must need for PAT.
  10. Go to the email that you needed to download your DAT confirmation letter. Click the link, type in the ref number and password, click transcript... VOILA! any1 single?
  11. Theyre out! Got a 24AA with a 5 on MDT LOL... to the dude/girl that scored a 26AA... Respect!
  12. I've been calling the CDA reception at 613-523-1770 and got them to answer once. They've been shutting the phone now though... Can't get past 2 to 3 rings.
  13. It's been 7 weeks... Just run the scantrons thru the machines and give us the scores.
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