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  1. Okay!! Thank you (: Would you recommend taking CO-OP (hospital/clinic/pharmacy) or taking electives such as visual arts and technology? I know it wouldn’t impact much.. but I’m wondering what looks better.
  2. Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry.. I just joined these forums so I don’t really know how it works. I know it doesn’t matter for medical school but I was just wondering for university like which courses are the ones that I should take so that I don’t have to take in first year university? Thanks tho, I’ll try my best!!
  3. Im in grade 10 and I really want to become a doctor. Currently, I’m in the process of selecting courses for grade 11. I was wondering which courses I should take for the next 2 years. My guidance councillor keeps recommending me not to take Physics. However, I want to continue to take all 3 sciences: Biology, Physics, Chemistry. I go to a Cathlioc school so religion is mandatory all 4 years I’m thinking of taking Functions and Calculus, but then again I’m wondering how important is data management? Again, I have to choose 2 electives and I don’t really know what to select. I know I want to do visual arts but then I’m wondering what a good pick for my second elective is. Or, wether I should take CO-OP at a hospital / clinic / pharmacy and receive 2 credits for it while gaining experience. English obviously isn’t a question because it’s mandatory
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