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  1. Thank you guys all for your insight and feedback - I really appreciate it The 5-year specialty is OBGYN. I'm having a hard time determining whether I loved IM more or less than it - I love the mix of medicine and surgery in OBGYN, love the patient population, caring for expectant moms/women across their lifespan, and doing deliveries - very different reasons than IM. What I like most about family is the flexibility to do a bit of everything; if I did FM, I'd love to do a bit of everything with it, including obstetrics and women's health, procedures, surgical assist, and/or maybe hospitalist. I did not enjoy general FM clinic as much as OBGYN and IM. I loved a lot of things about CTU - the consults, really thinking about the physiology when coming up with management plans/determining what was going on, following the same patients and getting to know them and their families (and communicating with families/navigating family dynamics), working as a team as well as consulting other services and learning from their management plans, and caring for/addressing more than just one medical problem. I also loved the higher acuity patients, resuscitations, managing an acute change/deterioration. I didn't do any clinics during my rotation, but so far I've generally enjoyed procedures/OR/emerge/inpatient work more than outpatient clinics. I totally realize that most people have it more "figured out" by now, and that these are 3 very different specialties, so I really appreciate all the helpful feedback and perspectives you all have shared!
  2. Hi all! I’m currently just starting my fourth year, and have been planning to apply to family med and a 5-year surgical specialty. However, my last core rotation was in internal med (CTU). It was honestly the only rotation I hadn’t been looking forward to, and I didn’t expect to like it at all. But, I ended up loving it. I received fantastic evals from my preceptors, who all told me I should strongly consider/would be an excellent candidate for internal med. I also asked one preceptor for a reference letter at the end of the rotation, to which she agreed. Another said to reach out to him should I change my mind and decide to apply to internal. I’m now at a bit of a crossroads because it was only 4 weeks, and I’m unsure of how to proceed. I never expected to like internal, and am not sure that I would continue to love it (I did rheum and GI observerships in pre-clerkship and wasn’t a huge fan; I also don’t enjoy doing research). Also unsure of whether I’d miss the other speciality I was planning to apply to. I don’t have any fourth year electives in internal currently, and from what I’ve heard from classmates, they’re full at my school (many classmates received far fewer internal med electives than they had requested). Carms is so soon, and I didn’t expect my plan to change this close to it. Should I be considering ranking family med first now, given it provides the opportunity to do both hospitalist and some aspects of the other specialty (ex. Surgical assist, niche clinics)? I guess I’d just really appreciate some insight/advice with regards to things to think about, and where to go from here.
  3. Hello all, I am interested in a competitive surgical specialty, and recently completed part of my core rotation in that specialty. During it, I received good feedback from the residents and from the staff members I worked closely with, however, I feel like I did not do well when working with the program director. There were many instances where he seemed unimpressed with me in the OR while assisting, and unimpressed with the questions I asked. I think many of these instances had to do with misunderstandings on both of our parts. The residents had made a point of introducing me to him as they knew I was interested in the specialty, so I feel like I missed my chance to make a good impression with him. I did not receive any formal feedback from him, but am worried that my performance while with him could negatively impact my chances when applying for residency there (and it would likely be my top choice). Is it likely that these interactions could have a bearing on my residency application to this program? Thank you kindly in advance.
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