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  1. I can recommend a landlord with Kelson group apartments - the one I was living in was at the bottom of the hill that goes straight to the uni (about a 5 minute drive, 5-10 in the winter). The bus stop was across the street from me. The building is a bit older but the rent is definitely affordable!
  2. I went with the Scotia LOC, but I am reading that some of you were able to receive the Passport Infinite? My advisor was fairly adamant about not being eligible for it anymore as of February, however, it seems that the eligibility requirement is being waived? Would anyone who received the Infinite be willing to share their advisor's contact information (can PM if you'd like)?
  3. Thank you so much! I’m selfishly hoping you get off of UBC waitlist, but congratulations on UofA, you. deserve it!!
  4. As an applicant from Prince George, I haven't heard much, if any, of those sorts comments towards the NMP from any of my peers here. If anything, the students I have spoken to from the NMP seem fairly confident in their training and that might have something to do with actually having less in the way of resources that are available at VFMP. By nature of having less, maybe they need to be even more proficient to practice as a rural physician? I think there are definitely a lot of misconceptions about the NMP, based on some comments I have read on this forum. Some applicants seem to believe the program is 'lesser,' for lack of a better word, than say VFMP. I believe the majority of these perspectives are misguided - I won't say that Prince George is necessarily the nicest place to live, but from someone who is used to northern communities, there's really nothing wrong with it. It's not beautiful, but it is what we make of it! I would assume there are less cutting edge opportunities, but with that being said, I know there are some pretty incredible faculty associated with the NMP conducting some very cool research. Overall, I would guess that these negative opinions are largely based on the location.
  5. I've run out of classes to study for, now there's no more distraction for the last month! :-( Time to get back into old hobbies and movie marathons, I suppose. Hang in there, everyone!
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