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  1. Whatever you decide is entirely up to you! Im just trying to provide some insight, at least having a degree even if you don't purse RD, you can still work other jobs. My friend has a nutrition degree but did not pursue becoming a dietician and was still able to find a full time good job.
  2. Dentistry is my passion so its not financial, but I can't say that I don't worry about the finances. After dental school Im going to have massive debt, so I want to make sure that once i graduate i will be able to have an adequate salary to be able to pay off this debt. Otherwise what is the point of paying all this money to go to dental school and not even being able to pay it off? I mean it's for sure a passion of mine, but I also do not want to be living with crippling debt for the rest of my life lol
  3. Having a degree is always worth something. You never know how life plays out, we all never expected this pandemic to happen and it did. Lets say for whatever reason dental school didn't work out, or you had to unexpectedly move and you can't finish your degree. At least completing a degree you know that you have a bachelors and you can find a job after if things don't work out. You may have a plan but clearly from this year's experience plans can go out the window in a drop of a hat. I say for sure finish your degree and go from there. There's a reason why almost everyone finished their undergrad, because if all else fails thats the thing we can all fall back on. Otherwise, if you don't complete it, the only thing you will have is a high school degree, and there isn't much you can do with that. Have more confidence in yourself and also challenge yourself. you kept up your grades this far, what would prevent you from doing well in your fourth year? Often times we make decision in fear and end up regretting them. Most people on this forrum are urging you to finish your degree for a reason, we all know that this is the one thing you can fall back on. Not completing it is a big mistake in my opinion. You can always say that you can go back to it in the future, but statistically thats very unlikely. Again, you don't know what life would be like then, maybe you have kids or a family, or maybe you moved to a different country, etc etc.
  4. This pandemic has significantly impacted the economy in numerous ways, and in particular took a huge blow to the dental field. I'm going to begin my first year of dental school in the fall and have been thinking about the future of dentistry and how to pay off my future debt. Will there still be viable jobs for dentists, how will the practice change, is it still worth it to go into dentistry?
  5. Thanks so much for that explanation!! Reallly helped
  6. Can someone explain the infinite grace period? Does that mean they won't make you pay back interest? im confused hahah
  7. Really? People have withdrawn their offers? How many do you know? thats soo weird
  8. Hey guys, is there any waitlist movement at all? Western has had a lot of movement but i dont think uoft is getting as much
  9. Has anyone been in contact with admissions and knows if there has been any additional waitlist movement?
  10. Is there anyone that got accepted to UofT Dentistry that will be rejecting their offer to move up the waitlist?
  11. So glad I came across this thread, I got waitlisted too looking forward to hearing from other waitlisted candidates
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