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  1. https://www.mcgill.ca/ugme/mdcm-curriculum-joint-programs/starting-our-program-what-you-need-know/language-requirements "Due to early clinical exposure in bilingual settings, the student is also expected to have a working knowledge of the French language (comprehension, spoken and basic written) from the onset of the MDCM program"
  2. Well said. All schools know this lol So not fair to include the winter 2020 grades! Hence they made this decision.
  3. Just checked some of your old posts. You're a troll and you comment rude posts on many forums. That type of attitude will get noticed by everyone around you (right back at you literally )
  4. US DO so you can match in US without being an IMG. Australia MD you have a way lower chance of matching as IMG
  5. There will be Franco patients in all clinics. Also in hospitals, there will be lots of franco patients there too..
  6. Yes, med schools don't look at Pass/fail undergrad courses favourably. It will look like you did not take a full course load for most schools. Most candidates have 5 graded courses per semester.
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