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  1. Hey everyone, I have created a Facebook group for people who are accepting and attending OT this fall 2020 at UofT. Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/703043580459554/
  2. Received UofT acceptance for OT in e-mail with campus assignment!
  3. Accepted to Uoft OT on ORPAS! No email yet. Waitlisted for OT at McMaster, #60 on list. They sent an email notifying me but ORPAS shows blank. 3.85 Orpas SGPA, social science background.
  4. Hey everyone! This is a bit off topic. But I would love to know why people who applied for OT want to pursue that career, and also what your perceptions of OT as a profession are in Ontario and Canada, in terms of the demand? I keep reading online that the field is shrinking and being utilized less and less o_o
  5. I have also been invited to the master of social work and on acorn it says MSW2. I believe it just means "2 year program"
  6. I would say its at least 95% likely it's true! Early "invited" for myself for social work ended up up meaning acceptance. For my friend who applied to OISE and geography at uoft, both programs also showed "invited" early on.
  7. I doubt it has to do with that! For other grad programs I applied to, even people who did not get in, were able to login to acorn.
  8. I have also been invited on Acorn to UofT's OT program. I also got admitted to their master of social work program a month ago and it showed "invited" a few days early before the official notification. My ORPAS SGPA is 3.85 and I have a background entirely in social science, with no rehab volunteer experience. My strength was definitely in my personal submissions and academic experience engaging with disability from a social justice perspective (disability studies). I'm trying to figure out between a career in social work or OT now. I doubt anyone is in the same boat, but if you are let me know.
  9. Hey peeps, I got my invite for McMaster MMI (OT) at 3:56 PM (in spam folder). I believe all the invites went out today. My ORPAS sub-gpa was 3.85. Good luck everyone!
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