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  1. Oh okay! Sound good, I guess I’ll just have to wait and see then. Thank you!
  2. Hey! When did you hear back? I applied through Oztrekk and haven’t heard back from the university yet.
  3. Did anyone get off the waitlist yet? Just curious if the waitlist is moving
  4. Hey! Sorry for the late response. Yes she did reply but there’s about 10-15 people on the waitlist and she said we can expect some movement after June 18th. Not sure about international students tho!
  5. Thank you for the reply! Congratulations on getting accepted
  6. Just wondering... have OOP waitlist applicants 1,2, 3 accepted their offers?
  7. Result: Waitlisted IP (Atlantic Provinces)/OOP/International: IP (NS) wGPA (Last 60 cr): 4.30/4.30 Prereq GPA (Higher sciences): 4.28/4.30 DAT (Bio/Chem/PAT/RC/MDT): 28/26/24/22/19 Interview: Thought it went well and a lot better than the other interviews I did this cycle Comments: I was waitlisted last cycle and re did the dat for this cycle. I emailed Jo-Anne about my application breakdown this year so just waiting it out I guess :/
  8. Okay one more time you say I’m trolling and that won’t end nicely. This is the second year I’m applying and I’m just as stressed as you or anybody else on the waitlist. I said I’m on the HWL means I am! And I have absolutely no need to go around trolling on a PRE MED forum in the midst of a pandemic. So before you openly call out someone without ascertaining facts, it would be nice if you private message them to clarify things. also, what’s the guarantee that you’re not a troll?
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