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  1. Hi all! I've been overthinking who to pick as my 3rd reference and I've wasted so much time debating what to do and I realise I need to send it out asap! I'd appreciate any insight! A little bit about me...I was a student, TA, RA, lab manager and currently doing a research project all with the same professor, and that's one of my references. While I know she would give me a really solid reference, I feel limited in my references because I feel most people have these (or similar) experiences spread across multiple people but most of my experiences were with her. My 2nd reference is a strong reference for a volunteer position (non-medical setting, I founded & direct a children's program at church). Now my dilemma: Option A: Grad student in the lab - The Grad student observed me work as an RA and grow in this position to become the lab manager, he was the lead TA for the course I was TA-ing, we've worked closely in the past 2 years, he's observed how I work in a team setting (more often than my prof), he's sort of the"middle management" between the prof and I, and he cares about my future goals - BUT, I worry this might come across as redundant, or even a "red flag" that I have two people addressing my work for the same positions or that it looks like I don't have anyone else to talk about me. Option B: Volunteer Co-ordinator at hospital - I moved away from the city where the hospital was, so it has been over a year since I volunteered there. I remember her being overall satisfied with my work and liking me, but she did not really observe me "in action" so doesn't know me too well and honestly probably doesn't really care/ isn't too enthusiastic about completing this. - BUT, it is in a medical setting and might be "safer" if option B is redundant/concerning Thank you SO much for any help with this! I really appreciate any insight. tl;dr: strong (but might be seen redundant/red flag) reference from Grad student who's mentored me and worked closely with me vs weak generic reference from volunteer coordinator?
  2. Thanks so much for doing this! Has anyone heard back yet?
  3. If you're talking about the accepted/waitlisted/rejected or 2020, I think that person was just late to post their acceptance (it scared me too!). I haven't received a rejection. I'm really thinking about calling them
  4. Based on previous threads, you would think they would have sent out some rejection emails to some of the waitlisted by now. I just want to get it out of my mind as well, especially with applications for next cycle opening up next week.
  5. It might be around June 10th (when the first wave of waitlisters must accept/decline their offers)
  6. Congratulations to those who got offers! When do you need to respond by? Can help us figure out when to expect the next wave of emails.
  7. That's the only information I found too about over-offering on the first round. I came across this pdf that shows that there were 301 offers given for 259 seats for 2018. Not sure if those extra 42 seats are over-offering + waitlist, or just waitlist.
  8. Congratulations on your offers!! Thanks a lot for updating this thread, its really helpful. All the best
  9. Does anyone know if they send rejections for wait lists as spots get filled up, or do they wait until classes start to send our rejections?
  10. Thought I'd start a thread for all things wait list. Anyone know how roughly how many people are on the wait list/how many make it off?
  11. I received my UofT invitation yesterday for March 28th(completely caught off-guard by this!). I'm hoping if anyone who has experience with the Modified Personal Interview (MPI) style could give me any tips or resources on preparation since it seems quite different from the rest of Med schools (MMI, panel). Additionally, if there's anyone looking to practise in Vancouver (or surrounding cities), we could start a practice group. Also more than happy to practise online via skype. This is my first time applying and the only invitation I've received, so I have no prior experience with the process. I would be so grateful for any tips as I'm feeling quite anxious. Thank you so much in advance!
  12. TIME STAMP: March 6th, 1:25 pm Interview Date (MD or MD/PhD): MD Result: Interview, March 28th cGPA/wGPA: 3.90/3.95 MCAT: met cut-offs ECs: hospital volunteering 2 years, TA 1 semester, research and lab manager 2 years, church volunteering 5 years, major accident in 2nd year undergrad that impacted my ability to commit to EC's Essays: Spent a week or so on them. I was very honest and open on those, tried to provide a different perspective. Year: 4th yr UG Geography: OOP, BC I can't believe it, I'm still in shock. I've gotten rejects from all other schools this cycle, so I'm really thankful for this opportunity.
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