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  1. I have volunteered with 2 different OT clinics. They are often very accepting of volunteers especially in a university town (I volunteered while I was at school). I just emailed them my resume and a little about myself explaining that I was hoping to get into OT school and would love to get more experience before hand. I was able to volunteer during the summer at 1 office in my home town and then 3 hours a week at an office during the school year. It’s super helpful for understanding OT and I found it really helped me write my essays!
  2. Hey! I received an email from western where they stated where I was on the waitlist!
  3. Hi this is for future students! Applied All OT: Queens, Western, Toronto and McMaster Accepted: Queens and Toronto (OT)Waitlisted: Western (middle third) and Mac (interview waitlisted) (OT) cGPA: 3.62, sGPA: 3.75 I have volunteered with various clubs for children with special needs for the past 2 years, volunteered at a hospital for 3 years and volunteered at 2 different children OT clinics. I also worked at a summer camp for 5 years and was a support leader for children with special needs. My reference letters were from my boss at the summer camp and from one of my profs of whom I knew quite well as my class size was extremely small. I will most likely accept UofT! Congratulations to everyone accepted and good luck to those applying next year!
  4. On ORPAS you can check your status under choices/offers on the left hand side, Hope this helps!
  5. For OT they are releasing admission decisions on May 15. Their email said for all acceptances, waitlists and declines.
  6. Hi I’ve seen that some people have heard back from UofT and I was wondering how I can check my status. I can’t find any emails from them with regards to a UofT account. Thank you!
  7. Yeah I usually just either went into the clinic or emailed the clinic just expressing interest and including a resume.
  8. I’ve volunteered at a few private child OT clinics, I know they usually have summer camps that they need volunteers for so that would be a fun way to gain experience! Also if you are currently in University/ in a University town there are normally a bunch of different volunteer opportunities through the school like best buddies or autism Ontario programs! Also, some cities have inclusion services at their rec centres where people work 1:1 with people with disabilities so that could also be something to check out! Good luck with your application!
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