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  1. Ah okay yes this is what I understood too - thought you meant that, similar to other schools, they "threw out your application" if you weren't in the top x-hundred GPAs
  2. Thanks for your detailed reply!! Yeah, I do realize they get SO many applicants, and like you said, it's not like GPA counts for nothing. Is it really the first cutoff, though? Like why would they interview everyone with the bare minimum if they had a cutoff (besides for $$$ lol)? And if the admission score is a combo of GPA and interview (I realize UofT does that for the CAP + GPA as well, but they're open about having a cutoff and not everyone writing the CAP). That's hilarious though that they created CASPer but don't use it Regardless, I'll be upgrading my marks
  3. Hi everyone, This was my first year applying to PT, my sGPA needs some work so I wasn't expecting much success, but I was at least hoping I'd have a shot at Mac since I felt my KIRA was really strong (my resume is the strong part of my application). I didn't even get waitlisted so I'm just curious about accepted students' sGPAs if there's anyone who doesn't mind sharing? Regardless, I'm taking courses to upgrade but am curious about the range of sGPAs that Mac might have accepted. Thanks!
  4. Based on other schools, my guess is yes and that there'll only be movement if someone drops. But again just a guess from me - I'm debating contacting them to ask (I'd post here if I hear back!)
  5. Is the undergrad at uOttawa? If not, then my guess is that the two programs wouldn't have any way of being linked/communicating with each other, so uOttawa couldn't take you off the waitlist. If the undergrad is at uOttawa, I still have doubts that they'd take you off the PT waitlist because they're very separate programs. Either way, I would check with uOttawa PT though
  6. I know one person who got off the waitlist but me and a few others on the waitlist haven’t heard anything yet
  7. Definitely, and I may be end up being one of those people lol, but guess we'll never know. But it is rough being in the program during COVID for some current students I've talked to, so I wouldn't feel quite as bummed missing out on an abnormal year compared to a "normal" year, if that makes sense But there are others I've talked to who've adapted quite well so I don't want to be a downer here - just trying to look on the bright side should I not get in
  8. I've heard from friends currently in PT school and accepted for 2020 (in Ontario, dunno about other provinces) that schools may be taking fewer people this year due to COVID because getting people placements has been roughhhhhhh. Don't quote me though, just a possibility
  9. It took me SO long to figure out how they used the average when they "extract" grades (e.g. 6 credits/2 courses from your second year from above), so I'm just here to explain it how I understood it/how ORPAS calculated my GPA in case it's helpful too. (Starting with my most recent courses, and all courses are half-courses) 4th year Summer: 1, 2 Winter: 3, 4, 5, 6 Fall: 7, 8, 9, 10 3rd year Summer: 11 --> at this point, I need 9 more courses from courses 12-21 (i.e. 3rd year), but there are 10 left, so they have to extract. The average from courses 12-21 is calculated and multiplied by 9 (because I need 9 more courses). Ultimately it's as if I got the same mark in the last 9 courses, with that mark being the average of the last 10 courses. Winter: 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 Fall: 17, 18, 19, 20, 21
  10. Figured I’d start a similar thread since other schools have one and it’s harder to find other uOttawa applicants! Has anyone heard yet?
  11. Hi there! I'm looking for courses to upgrade my GPA in case I don't get off a PT waitlist this year. 1. My undergrad university doesn't have the best selection of late summer courses, so I'd like to hear about Athabasca courses you'd recommend or that at least weren't a terrible experience! There's a bunch that interest me but I've heard mixed reviews about Athabasca in general, like just having to study a whole textbook on your own, lack of academic support from your tutor, etc. 2. Does it really matter what courses I take to upgrade? I know some PT schools want your upgrading courses to be 3000-4000 level, but if ORPAS does the calculation, will each PT school even see what courses you took? (Although we do have to send a transcript to each university, so...) 3. Can you take courses on Athabasca that you essentially already took at your undergrad uni? For example, taking undergrad stats at your uni and then taking Athabasca stats - because you already know the content. If you're allowed to retake courses, I don't see why you couldn't do this...I just don't know if that'd be seen as trying to be sneaky. Thanks in advance!
  12. Going back to old posts cause I'll be in this boat if I don't get off waitlist! What other courses worked for you guys, if any? Thanks!!
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