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  1. Originally they said we would here from them within a few weeks of the interview so I'm not going to expect anything for a couple weeks at least!
  2. Thank you so much for this link!! I am also hoping we get an update soon! Hard to wait when there's not much else to do...
  3. Hello all! I am just wondering if anyone has heard of any benefits/drawbacks to the different campuses that McMaster has?
  4. I would also have been inclined to believe that but Calgary has said they are assessing the virtual MMI applicants separately from the in person MMI applicants
  5. I would agree that they probably won't based on the "FAQ" email. Also, they knew online MMI was a possibility before because Queen's is already planning on doing it and still said they would not be doing it virtually!
  6. These positive remarks are super!! It can be difficult to stay positive in times like this but it is super important! I have faith that the school will find the best possible option that is the most fair to everyone and honestly it seems that everyone on this board would likely be a wonderful doctor! Best of luck to everyone
  7. same I definitely would have done a lot more to prepare if I knew this would have happened haha
  8. Personally, I think 50% CASPer, 25% CARS and 25% GPA would make a good amount of sense. CASPer isn't necessarily a direct indicator of how someone may do on the MMI (knowing the right thing to do is very different than being able to effectively communicate that in person) but this still allows many MMI qualities to be looked at. It also allows CASPer to be weighted more than in pre-interview scoring while not weighing it crazily high!! (Also, I am saying this as someone who feels like a good [not amazing] applicant all around but believes CASPer was the weakest part of my pre-interview score just so you all are aware of any bias I may have)
  9. https://europepmc.org/article/PMC/6681924 This makes me believe that they likely won't use just the pre-interview score
  10. tbh I can't really see this happening, especially with mcmaster who has such an early start compared to other schools
  11. I also would say some sort of statistical analysis or potentially not including the interview would likely be the fairest option as it can't really be assumed that candidates are equally divided in quality between the interview dates and times. Additionally, some interviewers may over or underscore applicants due to these situations but hopefully stats would even this out! This is definitely not a prime situation and has made this cycle something to remember at the very least haha! Hopefully it all works out in a way that is the most fair to everyone and we can all make the best of a crappy situation!!
  12. Honestly I didn't feel like it went great. Was also my first interview ever and felt like I was sort of rambling on. One question I didn't even feel like I answered fully but other questions felt quite strong. Guess I'll just have to wait and see... My panel was a mix of encouraging and neutral. Still got one more this year, hopefully it goes a bit better!
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