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  1. I believe from another post that you may be just finishing high school and I want to note that this program does take some high school students but the vast majority of their accepted applicants have already completed at least part of a degree. Additionally, they regularly receive 400+ applicants for only 30 spots so it is quite a competitive program to get into (for anyone, not just high school students)! This doesn’t mean that you won’t get in of course and you would get some great clinical experience in the program! I am not sure what the grading is like (how tough it is to get a good GPA but I assume not too tough as it is a small program where they seem to want you to succeed). Another nice thing is that midwifery is a career in itself so after graduating you would be able to work if it takes multiple application cycles for med instead of wondering what to do, or you may figure out you prefer midwifery and already have a career. However, I do want to note that if you do get in there are hundreds of other people who likely were really trying to get into midwifery in order to make a career out of it and it may not be very popular as a premed program for that reason (the administrators may not look too keenly on using it as a stepping stone to med either). I think that nursing may have some similar issues but there are always nursing grads who are accepted to med. Others may know more about if there’s a stigma towards nurses/midwifes during med applications. I hope this helps!
  2. I think that part of BSAP is actually the correction of the in group bias that generally would work in favour of white people, as most interviewers would be white due to, as has been stated, white people making up a greater proportion of the population, and specifically of physicians and med students who often interview applicants. Therefore, it may not really be an advantage for black applicants to be getting the same sort of process that other applicants get. Also, as has been said, this program specifically (of course there are other programs that are set up differently) does not have a certain number of seats they look to fill. From my knowledge, they basically are just trying to allow applicants to be interviewed by a black panel and then assessed in just the same way as other applicants (someone can correct me if I have this wrong!). I also do want to touch on some other statements made in order to bring in some different perspectives that may not have been previously considered. While racism is not explicitly written into laws etc it is very much prevalent and, especially recently, many people have shared their experiences of this and there is data showing disproportionally high numbers of black people being arrested (especially in the US, Canada doesn’t allow the data collection necessary for this information to be determined very well but I did find one estimate based on the 2006 census that may provide some idea https://www.researchgate.net/figure/The-Representation-of-Ethnoracial-Groups-in-Canadas-Federal-Corrections-System-2011_tbl1_274314275). Additionally, black people are more likely to be low SES (https://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/five-charts-that-show-what-systemic-racism-looks-like-in-canada-1.4970352) and black individuals who are higher SES can have that chalked up to being “diversity hires” and/or feel out of place in their own neighborhoods. This is all to say that while there may not be obvious racism in Canada from one persons point of view, others can still see/experience it and it’s important to listen to those people and not diminish those experiences. People who have higher SES are privileged, as are white people, and someone can be privileged in someways, but not in others. Having some privilege does not erase the inequalities or discrimination that a person faces as a result of not having other privilege. Therefore, while in some ways a white low SES doctor will be able to relate to a black low SES patient better than a black high SES doctor, the opposite is also true. Since some experiences that the high SES doctor could not share were listed, I will note that the white low SES doctor would not be able to understand many of the micro aggressions that POC (and especially black people) face regularly. As a final note, I do want to acknowledge that I think that the socioeconomic barriers to getting into medicine are definitely there and that actions should be taken to make medical school admissions as equitable as possible in this regard. However, I don’t think that having the BSAP pathway (specifically) is taking away from that possibility and so, debating one versus the other may not be the most productive way forward. I will leave you all with one final link from an article published on none other than May 12th 2020 about the demographics of Canadian medical students showing significant disparities between the census population and medical students in terms of SES, identifying as black and other factors (https://bmcmededuc.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12909-020-02056-x) to illustrate that there is a long way to go in order to increase all types of diversity in medicine. Hopefully this discourse is able to expose people to different viewpoints than their own, I know it has for me. I do want to say that I think that it is important to be respectful and really understand what others are saying, especially when the topic is not within a persons own lived experience. I have been able to take many of the points that have been brought up here and apply them to help form educated opinions and I hope that others are able to do the same.
  3. hot take: I kinda like it! it could be worse for sure
  4. my offer was to Hamilton campus and was in June
  5. I just got an offer for the Hamilton campus!!! Timestamp: 14:45 Edit: I just want to say that I wish all of you the absolute best of luck! We were definitely dealt a tough hand this year, but there is still so much positivity on this forum and I believe so much in you all! (I was a little too in shock to write anything more than what I had written before at the time, sorry)
  6. mine was at 9:07:14 (I think I'm reading the right numbers but idk)
  7. I would assume that those people would work with McMaster to set up a more accessible solution the way lots of schools have been working with students! They may also have the time to work out a solution with their family that they maybe couldn't have worked out with the shorter notice that would have been given for interviews. Again, I don't agree with McMaster's decision fully, I just wanted to state that ensuring all applicants have internet access is a valid concern for McMaster to have had (although they likely could have found other solutions as I'm sure other schools had to do)
  8. Hi! I am not saying that I agree with McMaster's approach but I do want to say that this specifically is not true... My mum works in education in a rural-ish area of Ontario and has actually been working hard to get resources to students that have very unreliable or even NO internet at their houses. While for you and me it may seem like everyone has internet and while students may have internet at school, moving home with the pandemic may have significantly changed people's conditions! I also know people who struggled with having university exams online for this reason! Hope this offers a different perspective
  9. I'm quite confident it is last name based but we will find out soon when people start to come off the waitlist stay positive!!
  10. Order in which they send out emails for the waitlist (basically I don't think that timestamp is indicative of waitlist order)
  11. Also waitlisted. Timestamp is 8:18. I'm pretty sure last year it was alphabetical by last name which makes sense for me (end of alphabet)
  12. I think that people who are rejected are less likely to post it right away than people who are accepted or waitlisted...
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