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  1. That sucks! I feel like my old GPA is bringing me down and if they do away with this rule then it will haunt me forever!!! Which is unfair seeing as other applicants can make mistakes in other domains such as getting arrested or making foolish decisions because they are young but my silly little transcript will follow me forever!!! I guess this is also reflected in the fact that they selected 35 students out of 3rd year for this past cycle!!!
  2. My transcripts have already been received, it is just this random number that has shown up on my first application back in 2008-2009 and now my third one.....it is very strange!
  3. You're right it isn't. I thought I was ready for it but it turns out I wasn't. Not sure if I can wait around another year to get another rejection.
  4. Yeah I just emailed them as the "new" number showed up on my first application recently as well, it was never there before. It isn't on my second one, but it is on my third application, strange hey?
  5. This is the confusing part, I have a number and they gave me another number??!! Anyone else?
  6. I thought I did better this year than last as well but my score was the same. I practiced a tone and was much more prepared. Oh well, who knows what they want......the truth is no one does and it is becoming more confusing each year!
  7. Hey All, When you submit are you given a new UBC student number? I have an old number from my UG but do they give you a new one with this application? They gave me a new one, but my old one is also listed. Thanks, F
  8. My interview was average as well. I think if you are rejected they give you that score even though I'm sure they have a less generic system to rate us on, at least I hope.
  9. I'm in the same boat. I'm honestly not even sure if I will get an interview this year.
  10. No she wouldn't say. I asked more questions and from what she did say, my guess is the weighting of last 60 to overall GPA. Overall GPA will be worth more than last cycle.
  11. Yeah I felt the same way until I went to an info session where the girl basically told me the AQ was changing dramatically (her exact words) and the NAQ was changing too. Given this and the exclusion of the essay I would say our "close but not quite good enough applications" from the last cycle don't really help me feel like I have a good shot this year. When I asked about planning a new application without a score from last cycle she said the scores are all generic and they will all change given the changes for the next cycle. Basically a good score from last year may mean nothing this time around.
  12. What do you mean by this? and where are you getting that information? thanks
  13. I have about 1,000 left. I don't know what my NAQ was last year as I'm still waiting for it. The year before that it was about 17, nothing outstanding.
  14. Mine are longer term too. Last year I had more but many of them were short term, so I decided to use more characters and have less entries this year. We shall see how it goes.
  15. How many entries, on average, do you have for each section? Just wondering.... I have 4 leadership 4 working with other 5 diversity 4 service
  16. Anyone else still waiting? Does anyone know how this work? Being waitlisted until now sucks, no info, no scores etc..... has there ever been movement late August? Having a tough time putting my next application together without getting any closure on the last cycle....
  17. Hello All, So you know that email we got from UBC with a request about sending in our applications on the 15th of Aug instead of Sept 1, anyone going to do it or are you all waiting on Sept 1? I think I will submit early, I'm pretty much done so there isn't much point in waiting..... I know there is no advantage but I just thought I would put it out there. Finks
  18. Where do the points you get for being published go? Into the AQ? or the NAQ? Anyone know?
  19. Hey All! Just wondering where you stand on the use of abbreviations when describing your activites? eg. low SES? Thoughts? f
  20. Wait a minute Stark, you take issue with my giving my opinion on her leadership style but in the same breath you criticize the other physician’s comments and their opinion of her??!! Aren't you doing exactly the same thing?, you just have the opposite opinion to mine.
  21. I'm entitled to have an opinion, and it's ok if you don't share it, as you are entitled to yours as well.
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