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  1. Do residents have a say in how to rank applicants during match week? What exactly are FM programs looking for in a residency applicant?
  2. Thank you! I really need to work on my networking skills and come out of my shell..
  3. Yes I have one attempt for USMLE step 1. Any advice on what helped your friends match with the failed attempt?
  4. That is amazing! Congratulations once again. I remember they had 3 spots in second iteration!
  5. Do you mind me asking where you interviewed at and the specialty?
  6. Do you mind me asking what kind of scores you have for QE1? Just trying to see how I can help my application to match next year. Thank you
  7. Hi everyone If you don’t mind, can you please share your QE1 scores ? This will help us who received less interviews or did not match understand what kind of target we need for QE1 Thank you kindly
  8. I applied to FM and IM. I did most US electives also.
  9. Thank you! I competed all the USMLE but did not get any interview there
  10. Hi everyone, I am an IMG graduate and did not match this year with one interview. Done research, publications, observerships, etc. Any advice on how I can get more interviews and make sure I match? Thank you
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