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  1. I originally came onto premed101 because of the helpful information from the many intelligent and experienced users that post here. But honestly, I don't think I'll be frequenting this site as much anymore, in large part because of the austere and baseless neuroticism that's seemed so common here as of late, as evidenced by the button fiasco (which was completely incorrect), and now this. Honestly, think about what you're saying for a second. You're expecting qualities that may be associated with voyeurism to be picked up at an MMI?. Each interviewer gets 8 minutes to evaluate the candidate, right? All situations are either incredibly general or focus on a specific situation, but nevertheless all scenarios are designed to provide an opportunity for the candidate to selectively highlight the best of themselves, i.e. selectively present the CanMED traits. Imagine what kinds of questions would need to be asked to detect psychopathy or criminal tendencies in an individual. Imagine what kinds of traits the would have to be quantifiably measured for candidates to be redflagged on the basis of 'psychological unwellness'. The MMI isn't a Rorschach, and the interviewers are not behavioral psychologists. The kinds of personality devices that lead to behavior like Voyeruism have massively intricate psychosexual roots, which psychologists dedicate their careers to quantifying and identifying. The MMI is an interview, not an interrogation or a psychological examination. This, along with what everyone else has said. Honestly it's amazing the kinds of mental gymnastics people do to validate their own beliefs. The button thing and now this.
  2. Picking at a probably over-asked question here, but what are your thoughts about the 3 year curriculum, and would it be possible to do a fourth year to increase odds of matching to a competitive specialty?
  3. With school starting in August, how likely is it that the first few months are gonna be online?
  4. for mac's acceptance what does MDR stand for?
  5. got into mac. I'm trembling. I didn't have button
  6. can anyone else just not mentally picture themselves getting accepted? like i have decent stats and I don't think my interviews went poorly but I just cannot picture a scenario in my head in which I get accepted lol, everytime I picture the results email it's just so much easier to imagine a rejection
  7. but that's exactly it though. It's strong because it's being skewed that way. You could present evidence for anything if you selectively filter enough information out. There's correlation, but You could make a correlation between literally anything, like the classic example of ice cream correlating with drowning incidents. People with the button want to believe it leads to acceptance, and they do all sorts of mental gymnastics to validate their beliefs. They share their "findings" on the forums, and others with the button believe it too, not because it's deductively true, but because they want to. Then those without the button fall into groupthink, and you get to where we are now. I get the forums are a place to speculate and ramble, but honestly peoples' mental health hinge on this sort of thing. And people are impressionable.
  8. notice how pretty much everyone who's convinced that button = offer are people who have the button? confirmation. bias.
  9. I was thinking more hunger games style, but like the opposite of that
  10. imagine if they did the lottery on a live stream, one at a time.
  11. RIP to the person ranked 101st on the list who might've gotten a 79.4 in a course instead of a 79.5 or missed one question on CARS bringing them down from a 130 to a 129
  12. Guys and gals, PLEASE calm down. The amount of bias here is bordering on mass hysteria and cult-like. Nobody knows anything. Just leave it at that.
  13. the amount of confirmation bias here is insane. And just as a contrapuntal, if you do really want to overleap to conclusions and take the poll to be statistically significant, the ratio [those with a button : without] (2:1) is far closer to the ratio [mac post-interview rejections/waitlists: acceptances] (3:2) than the inverse.
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