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  1. Omg, accepted to Western toooooooo, I am having a heart attack now. Updated on Western student portal.
  2. Third for me too, and with gap year and Master degree. It will probably be my last since I will be set to abroad schools if Canada does not work out.
  3. Trust me, it only made things worse to get a fat R right before OMSAS release decision. A big crush in self-confidence.
  4. So I was reading the FAQ attached. My interpretation is that F for interview means you might have performed poorly on multiple stations. So it probably the combination of low EC and below average to maybe average performance on interview got me the big fat R.
  5. I am sooooo nervous now, just got rejected by UofA, my last hope is Western but not feeling good about the chances
  6. I will be kinda frustrated if interview is just a P/F. Why would they even give ppl with a low EC score interview then? It is just such a waste.
  7. Result: regret Geography: OOP GPA: 4. 0 MCAT: 518 (128 CARS) Degree: Master E.C: 5/17 Interview: Passed Thoughts: I thought the interview went well since most of the question I have somewhat prepared for. Though not sure how the interviewer thought since I did felt a little uneasiness during the Interview. Not sure what pass meant where but my low EC definitely played a big part. Guess I will end up going to Australia since they don't care about EC at all.
  8. Sry I am getting too excited, I corrected it. I meant U of A and Western Ontario.
  9. Predict for me too, UofA and UWO, thx a lot
  10. I have few disconnection with one of the panel continue disconnecting, which made me very nervous and had to pause few times and re start my answer. Panel were very friendly but all had good poker faces. Questions were somewhat unexpected so I had to think about examples on spot. Not feeling I did well walking out of interview
  11. WOW, you must did a really well! Congrats! I felt I was only able to connect with one of my interview who was very nice and smiled at me. The others were very serious and writing furiously. But one of they were so indifferent and laid back that he almost lying on chair and did not even make ANY notes. Not sure if anyone also had him and felt the same way. I do not know what to make of that, and now is kind of worried.
  12. I did very little panel practice and so I just went in hoping for the best lol. The question was not too hard, but I do feel my answer is a bit disorganized and only on hindsight it could be a lot better.
  13. Just finished my as well! No technical difficulty, but I was a little cut off guard by the questions, hopefully, I did not just ramble and provide a bad answers. My is also 30 min only so I was a little worried about not provide long enough of an answers.
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