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  1. Having graduated in both bio and biomed, you are 100% correct.
  2. thank you very much for the prompt response and the information.
  3. what if we don’t have a fb account and don’t want one?
  4. Toutes mes félicitations. Ca fait des années que je vois tes commentaires dans plusieurs posts et ca fait plaisir de voir que tu as enfin eu ton “précieux”. Bonne chance dans ta carrière.
  5. I had an appointment at my local CLSC but they called last Friday to cancel due to the current situation and to book another appointment at the end of the crisis. I called at multiple places, even private clinics and didn’t get an appointment.
  6. YESTERYEAR Yesterday Evictions Summarize Terrible Essays, Romeo. Yearn Everyday At Reinsertion.
  7. I’m not an Ontario applicant but stressing over a button won’t do any good to any of you. Getting an offer/reject shouldn’t be viewed as a fatality. We spend so much time thinking about the future and we forget about now. You are alive now, you are in good health, you have a family, a roof over your heads, food...Learn to appreciate what you have now. If you get a reject, take it as a good opportunity to strengthen and prepare your spirit, as failures are quite normal in life. All the best to all of you
  8. LIABILITIES Leila Is Attracted Because Idriss Left Ivannah Temporarily. Infatuation Enslaves Slowly.
  9. MICROSCOPE Microscope Is Controlled Remotely On Some Computer Protected, Evan.
  10. SATISFACTORILY Subtle Allegory, Thomas, Is So Faint And Candid That Our Respiration Increases Listening Yalda.
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