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  1. Does anyone know if the class is full yet/has anyone been rejected off of the waitlist yet? Still haven't heard anything back
  2. Idk but my time was 10:29:5X and I didnt get offer
  3. I heard from a friend someone they know got off WL already but not confirmed
  4. Does anybody think they might evaluate references? It is more objective than ABS, everyone will have needed it, and it could assess many of the traits they might look for interviews. I know that it has just been used for checks and balances before but would it not be the best thing to look at if they go beyond just CARS/GPA/CASPer? Especially since looking at other sections of the MCAT when they have GPA seems redundant.
  5. That makes sense and I think that your weighting system is most fair for all applicants. I think that if any score is uniformly weighed too much more than the others , many people would be disadvantaged as there is no perfect substitute for an interview. At least this way doing poorly on one section won't disqualify you.
  6. Does anyone think they will consider references or ABS as part of the marking scheme?
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