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  1. What was your study schedule like for the CCFP exam? I.e. did you read a topic a day? And what resources would you recommend?
  2. Good luck! That's an amazing CARS score - you can always try to improve your GPA with an extra year to help your score!
  3. I liked OnlineMedEd! It's kind of like skeleton notes and you can use other resources to expand on things that don't make sense to you if needed.
  4. Interesting. How come you didn't use a letter from your core? Good to know programs may not care about that!
  5. Interesting - https://med.uottawa.ca/undergraduate/node/1062 According to Ottawa's page, "Schools in Ontario committed to July 6, 2020 as tentative date to resume clinical rotations" but maybe that's changed
  6. I thought all Ontario schools agreed to a minimum July 6th return date?!
  7. Interesting. UBC already had 24 weeks of electives so guess starting electives in September isn't a surprise. It's looking like Ontario schools will start electives around November
  8. My thoughts exactly! God forbid you get a preceptor you don't vibe with - you only have 1 core At least with electives, you have options of which letter to use
  9. Thank you - this was kind of what I was worried about Oh wow - didn't realize not using core letters was not uncommon thanks! Wow that's good to hear - I guess a core letter is preferred but if you dont think it's good it's not worth to use
  10. Like a home school elective instead of a home school core would be fine?
  11. For example, using 3 letters from two-week electives instead of a CORE letter from your 6-8 week rotation? I'm not sure how different specialties view this. Any advice?
  12. Looks like CARMS is delayed until February/March based on: https://med.uottawa.ca/family/news/departmental-updates-april-2020 CaRMS 2021 – delay: CaRMS 2021 has been tentatively moved to February/March 2021 (instead of the usual December/January) – final determination to be made.
  13. Hey, do you recommend any good FM resources for clerkship?
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