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  1. I’m curious - did anyone end up getting accepted off of the wait list in July?
  2. I remember seeing a post from a while back that said that they send it out in August and that the class is actually full 1-2 weeks before that point
  3. I just finished watching this, and I thought it was really well done. I felt touched at the end of the video when she empathized with those on the waitlist. At this point, I have accepted it is much more likely that I don't get in off of the waitlist, but it's nice to keep up with this community (and provide more posts for next years waitlist to read through haha).
  4. Does anyone know the deadlines to watch out for over the summer that might open up some spots for those on the waitlist?
  5. Aw no! well thanks for replying anyways everyone I'm hoping we hear some more people get in this week!
  6. I hope there's a correlation! I'm 9:06 as well @Owns123 What timestamp are you @User222 ? NWL@UWO had the earliest timestamp at 9:05 a.m. and s/he was also the first one on the forum to get offered a spot off NWL. If someone got the normal waitlist e-mail at 9:05, but hasn't been offered a spot yet then that probably means that there is no correlation. Has this happened to anyone? Even if it doesn't eventually mean anything its an innocent way to pass the time this week When did the rest of you on the NWL get your waitlist e-mail on May 12?
  7. Congratulations!! Thank you for coming back and letting us know
  8. In the waitlist e-mail, they wrote that they expect all the seats to be filled by August 31. I think that's their way of giving us an official end date for waitlist movement Last year, someone on this forum said that they were accepted at the end of July so that's another possible endpoint for you Maybe someone else can chime in if they have any more information.
  9. It probably is, I think I saw someone post they had 7 business days to accept their offer
  10. I thought yesterday was a one-off and we'd at least see 1-2 people post on here today...
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