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  1. I'm also wondering this. It feels so awkward to just leave it as is after submitting the individual parts.
  2. No, and please don't worry. I promise you this will not affect whether you receive interviews or not. I combed through my application, but I'm sure my eyes skipped over a few misspellings or grammatical errors. I'm sure many others are in the same boat (made a spelling mistake or grammatical error). It happens. Try not to worry.
  3. This is based on when interview offers/rejections went out last year: Dalhousie = around Oct 28th McMaster = Jan 8th U of C = Jan 29th Western = Jan 30th Queens = Feb 3rd U of A = Feb 5th That's all the ones I know. You can see that most are clustered around the end of January/early February.
  4. Oops, I put in total hours. I haven't submitted it yet. Is this wrong then? How would they know if its "per week" or "per month"? Are you suppose to put "4 hours/week" type of thing then?
  5. I feel silly asking, but is the application due date October 15? I always assumed it was Oct 1 for some reason and I'm worried my eyes are skipping over things
  6. Oct 1, 2020 It's written right above where you enter in your top 10 experiences: Top 10 Experiences See Applicant Manual - Section 4.11 For volunteer work, please include the date(s) and a brief description of your responsibilities. Volunteer verifiers must include the person's name, telephone number and email address. Please note that we may speak directly to your contact person at any time. Verifiers must have an email address at the organization/institution; personal emails (ie Hotmail, gmail, etc.) are not acceptable. Activities with end dates that are beyond the close of the application (October 1, 2020) should be entered with an end date of October 1, 2020.
  7. Hope not, there is very little room for error there.
  8. Yep Very challenging Also didn't feel like preparing really helped me. It was like the casper - the time limit and the test itself goes by so fast - you're pretty much going to say what you're going to say
  9. Yes, you will get access to part 2 after you submit part 1 (the stage you are at in the picture you posted). Part 2 is where you enter your activities
  10. Thats what I've been doing the last few years I do add a few words at the end like "I learned blank and blank by doing this" so maybe I shouldn't do that and I should just focus on clearly articulating what I literally did?
  11. Should I courier my transcript from U of A to U of C/OMSAS? I'm worried they won't arrive in time. I put in my request to send my official transcripts today (I know ) It says 3-5 days for processing, and then 3 days for regular mail. With COVID-19, I don't know how bad the delay will be... $40 is a lot for me, but I don't want my application to be closed because my transcript didn't arrive on time.. I don't want to e-mail U of C and ask because they are "noting" everyone who emails asking questions that seem like their seeking reassurance or about transcripts. They also told us to send them back in July, and I saw that blog post only recently. I feel like I've messed up
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