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  1. Am currently #16. If it gets to me, I will be declining!
  2. Its important to note that U of A will not be taking any grades from the Winter 2020 semester, whether you take the grade or a CR and no matter the institution you are currently at. However, it appears according to the release as though the courses from Winter 2020 will be used towards your recent 20 courses. So, if you had 4 courses in Winter 2020, it will count towards the overall credit but the grade will not be counted meaning your GPA is calculated from fewer credits (in this example, 16 courses instead of 20). For reference: https://www.ualberta.ca/covid-19/updates/04/2020-04-06-changes-to-admissions-for-fall-2020.html
  3. U of A PT. Have not got the official letter yet, just confirmation from the department.
  4. That's awesome! Will have to get in touch. I agree completely. Unless a program previously accepted deferrals, I'm doubtful in a change of that policy. Even for the programs that may accept deferrals (which in Canada I believe is few?), they would be limited on the amount of deferrals allowed to not infringe on following years. Overall, I have been impressed with how the universities in Alberta have handled the Covid-19 situation thus far, with the transition to online teaching half way through the Winter semester, and online for Spring/Summer. Naturally, it hasn't been perfect but nothing can be when such a situation prevails. I'm grateful for the opportunity, and would not want to pass it up, especially as there is going to be a 'new normal' when things turn around. PT had to adapt to the situation, with TeleHealth communications, just as the schools did. It may be different and an added challenge should things remain online, but most of us have already handled challenges in order to get to this point!
  5. I got into and have accepted a position at U of A Calgary Campus. I'm hesitant about the fact courses may be online, but have faith in the program and the facilitators to adapt it well. I've spoken to current students in a few programs throughout the country, and there's been a shuffling around of courses during the pandemic so far (pushing back the hands on portions). It's definitely a hard decision- if you gave up your spot this year, what will happen next year? If you accept the position, and classes are online, is that the education you were initially expecting? Deferrals would be great given the situation, but whether or not that would be allowed.... It looks as though Anatomy for U of A in August will be online, while the fall courses are up in the air. It's so hard to say how courses and this situation is going to be playing out in the fall. It could be under control, or a second/third wave could be coming around. U of A released the following document regarding the planning for fall, which gives some small hope assuming the virus remains under control leading into fall: https://www.ualberta.ca/covid-19/media-library/2020-04-16_fall-semester-scenario-planning-principles-and-scenarios-final-draft.pdf
  6. I can't comment too much, but I've heard decent things about QMU overall, but not too much in regards to the PT program itself. It was my second choice in the UK due to the structure of the program and the location. From everyone I have spoken to, it seems as though budgeting around 100k for the two years in England is the norm. When you do the math, you will get the return on it if you plan on returning to Canada to practice. Ive known a few PT's who completed school within England, and returned to Canada to practice; within a few years of practice in Canada, they had everything paid off. Its definitely scary looking at the big numbers on this side. Ultimately, if I dont get accepted in Canada this round, I'll probably be headed to England.
  7. U of A stated in the email if you have already taken the CASPer, you just add them on to the distribution list. I dont know if the system would allow you to write it again or not...
  8. Have you checked your application? Im not sure if you applied through UCAS, but I applied to Brighton directly and did not receive notification of an offer. However, I checked my application directly and it stated I had an offer made on March 11!
  9. Applied PT: U of A (in province), McMaster, Queens, Western UK: Brighton, Essex, Queen MargaretAccepted: U of A, Brighton, Queen Margaret, QueensWaitlisted: McMasterRejected: Essex (I declined interview), Western Interview Offer: U of A, McMaster, Brighton, Essex GPA: ORPAS SGPA-3.88 Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: Reference from a professor who runs my program, have worked with this prof as an RA and been in multiple small classes with this professor. Practical reference from a two-term practicum supervisor. Essays okay, had them edited by references and other Physios I work with. Over 1000 hours as a PTA, volunteering with a movement program for all abilities, volunteering with the local animal shelter. Over 4000 hours working with children in a growth and development setting. Goodluck everyone!! ----- May 8/20- U of A Offers Sent Out I will be headed to U of A (Calgary Campus)! Congrats everyone so far, and fingers crossed for those waiting to hear still! ---- I do want to mention this for those that are looking to apply in the future as I wish I knew a little more about international grades: For anyone who did an exchange that is in their past two years when applying, schools may or may not take the grades! It depends on if they are transferable or not. I know that Western took my exchange grades (which lowered my GPA to around a 3.76, from the 3.88 calculated by ORPAS). Im not sure if U of A took the grades, but there are indications that they did not. Ultimately, I would contact each individual department as each case is different!
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