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  1. I think if your social media accounts are professional accounts, and not personal accounts, it's fine. I follow preceptors on Twitter where I keep it medicine-related and professional, but I wouldn't add them on Facebook, where I share my recipes, have people wish me Happy Birthday, my grandmother writes on my wall, etc. lol.
  2. Additionally - Apple typically has a "Back to School" event in July/August where they offer some sort of incentive to buy a new MacBook from them (I got a pair of Beats by Dre for free with my MacBook purchase in 2017).
  3. I ended up buying the cheapest ipad available (in addition to my 15" macbook pro) during med 2 and it was awesome to be able to jot notes down with the apple pencil during lectures - much quicker/easier to just draw on the slides than trying to type the relevant notes beside the slides... honestly if you will use both, its worth having both, IMO.
  4. Dal's tentative return date has been pushed until June 8. Finishing cores upon return, but no details about electives timeline, etc. yet.
  5. I did a summer of research after first year, and 5 weeks of travel after second year.
  6. I probably wouldn't envy the classes ahead who are having their education significantly disrupted by this pandemic...
  7. Dalhousie has suspended clerkship activities as of 5PM today - return date of at least April 14.
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