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  1. Fortunately only one year, I wouldn't consider it if it were any longer. Can't do the combined route by going abroad. I won't be switching out of medicine but I'm not sure if that detracts from doing this MSc or makes it more appealing hah I would do it in a heartbeat if I had some funding but without it - and in this climate - seems foolish going into debt for something that might not ultimately add much to my career. I guess you never know, but I'm tempering my expectations here. I can't shake the feeling of "once in a lifetime", though.
  2. I'm a preclerk and applied to a masters at Cambridge with the support of my school. I got an offer. Main thing holding me back is finances and unlikely to receive anything anyway. With tuition and living expenses, the program is 60k all in. I have pre-existing debt from before med but luckily haven't had to use my LOC as of yet, just provincial loans. My debt load isn't too high (yet). The degree would be useful in academia but it's obviously not essential to become a physician and have the career I want. It's just been a dream of mine for years and it's nice to see it come true. Faculty are encouraging me to pursue it even if I have to pay my way. I'm not sure that is wise. It seems from this thread that I could possibly defer it until later but it doesn't seem ideal to take a year off from residency or even as a staff...thoughts?
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