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  1. I'd be pretty surprised if there was any widespread extension of PGY5. Many people have fellowships/jobs lined up. Don't most people have fairly light rotations/expectations the last few months of residency anyway, to prepare for exams?
  2. Exactly. The problem is everyone hates the exam and realizes how pointless it is, but after you finish it you kind of forget about it. Not sure who put in the sustained effort needed to go through with the campaign.
  3. Someone really needs to make it a mission to get this pointless test ended. It would take recruiting some high powered supporters, though.
  4. The Royal College seems pretty insistent in their recent communications that the exam will not be moved back or delivered in an alternative way, and won't be waived. Thoughts?
  5. I think it's great that so many FRCPC are supporting us, but I'd put the odds of that petition doing much are very slim.
  6. I saw this... I think it's a bit of a long shot, to be honest. But... who knows.
  7. I agree this is extremely disruptive to our long made plans. I think we need to keep a bit of perspective, though. I really don't think there were any "great" options for the RC. And Coronavirus is going to have a much larger effect on many, many people than a delay of exams. Anyhow, I would now like to see the RC and programs pour their energies into figuring out how to help graduating residents move ahead. What are they going to do to advocate for our temporary licenses, etc.?
  8. So as we all know the Royal College has been flip flopping on exams this year. I completely understand the huge wrench Coronavirus has thrown into things, but I'm finding it extremely difficult to study not knowing what is going on. Also, our protected study time immediately before the exam is likely going to get taken back as residents are pulled to areas of need. A week ago people were saying it was an overreaction to postpone exams. Now I am wondering how they can even be thinking about not postponing. Most (all?) of the American boards have been pushed to Fall. Canadian Family Medicine exams seem to be doing the same. And yet I might be writing on April? And they're only going to give us one month notice? To make things worse, it sounds like they might keep the written exams as is and push the orals back to the Fall. How is this not the worst idea? You'll have to start studying again after such a long gap. What does everyone else think? Anyone heard any rumors about how things might go? Well, it seems all exams are postponed to the Fall. Wow.
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