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  1. I was in your position last year - waitlisted by Canadian schools and accepted at UK (Brunel and Oxford Brookes) for OT. Just like you, I thought the costs of getting a degree in the UK were too high. I also know those who went to the UK for PT/OT who came back and had to wait another year just to get registered as a Canadian therapist (i.e., waiting months for documents to get to the college, taking the international exam, board exam). So I thought I’d rather spend a year at home to try to get into a domestic school instead. It was hard to motivate myself to apply again since it was my third time applying, but I eventually did it! I continued to work to gain experience as a rehab assistant and took more upgrading courses to increase my GPA. As a result, I’m going to UofT in September It can be daunting trying another year with the uncertainty of even getting accepted. If you decide to try again, my advice would be to work at your weak spots before applying again (ex: references, personal statement, GPA, experience). Maybe get a friend or relative who is in the healthcare field to take a look at your past applications for an objective view? Also, I advise you to have “backups” in case it doesn’t work out, such as nursing (like you said). I personally had applied to nuclear medicine and got in, though I declined as OT was my main goal. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions!! Good luck
  2. Hey, thanks for offering! How is the courseload at UofT? Did you have time for a social life or did you spend most nights working on school assignments/studying?
  3. I would say it depends how low your sub-gpa is. Does it meet the average minimum sub-gpa they typically accept (ex: UofT allows as low as 3.5-3.7)? I personally took upgrading online courses as I worked and volunteered but I recommend showing schools that you have experience in an OT-related setting. This could be volunteering in a rehab role, job shadowing, or working with vulnerable populations. PM if you want more help on the work/volunteer experience side, though GPA definitely matters!
  4. Hey, thank you! I was accepted into UofT and am waitlisted for Dal, so this was a no brainer for me haha. However, I do know that the catchment area is great at UofT as there are many hospital/clinic placements. Also, I prefer to live in the city. I think there are other topics in this forum discussing the pros/cons of those schools. Good luck!! I’m sure either school will be a great experience!
  5. Ah okay, I see. Yeah I don’t mind theory at all since I prefer to learn the basics before I get into the fieldwork/hands-on work I can see that happening with the UTM campus, thanks for the info!!
  6. Hey! One thing to note is that those three usernames complaining about UofT was one just person, possibly in the waitlist who wanted to get in? I’m not sure but just thought I’d like you/others know
  7. Hey, I also accepted my UofT OT offer!! SG campus I’m excited to find more information about how classes will work in the virtual open house!
  8. Hey, I did! Yes think of scenarios from your personal life that can answer interview questions (ex: leadership, a time where you had conflict). I would also think about relevant definitions and how they relate to OT, such as diversity and equality. Moreover, have a few reasons of why you want to be OT. Also try to think of 2-3 questions to ask the interviewers at the end I would also ensure your answers are concise and that you are actually answering the question instead of rambling. I wish you good luck!!!
  9. Congrats!! I’ll be in the SG campus yes, I’m super excited to begin the program!
  10. Hey! I’m from BC and will be attending UofT for MscOT as well. I’m still debating on it as the 3 hour time is a huge factor. However the cost of staying home will be cheaper. I know they said courses are online but does this also include labs? I’m hoping the virtual orientation next week will provide more information!
  11. Does anyone know how long it takes for UofT SGSAdmissions to get back to you? I emailed them asking for my acorn login information and wish to pay the deposit before the deadline comes up.
  12. It was in the information sheet they sent in the acceptance email last night! Says all UofT term 1 courses will be online in the first term for incoming students and hybrid (online/in-class) for term 2.
  13. I got into UofT! My subGPA is 3.7 which isn’t the highest, but I believe my work experiences (ex: Rehab assistant for 2 years), references, and essays really helped!! This is my third time applying and I just have to say - never give up on your dreams!! It can happen.
  14. I received an email from Dal (OT) an hour ago and got waitlisted. I’m from BC so OOP applicants should have received an email?
  15. I received an email back from dal (OT) and was told they are “proceeding as usual” in regards to the admission dates.
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