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  1. From what I see from the website they need 6 credits of biochem. I'm just struggling to see if I keep the A- or Pass/fail this course. I can retake the course but that would be a torture. Thanks anyways
  2. do u know if this will include the pre-requisite courses as well? I just wanna know what u guys think cause they haven't responded to my emails regarding the whole corona pandemic situation !!
  3. what do u guys think will happen if I Pass/fail my Biochemistry course? As it is a requirement for both UBC and U Manitoba would it affect my application negatively? (They are re-weighting the course and cancelling the final exam , I would not be able to get good mark at the end) any thought? (I also emailed them several times this week, no response yet, If anyone emailed and got a response about the same situation, let me know please!!)
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