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  1. western emailed back and said that the cut-off gpa is not available until the offers get sent out on may 29th...
  2. I emailed western's admissions to see what the new cut-off is, so I will let you know when they respond.
  3. on the website it says that most successful applicants have a sub gpa of 3.68 or higher
  4. update on dal: in the email sent to my friend; they said the faculty members have been meeting to sort out the situation they are currently in regarding admissions. They don't think they are behind any other PT programs in making these decisions, and they will be posting updates on the website as soon as they make a decision. As of now, admissions to OT and PT are both at a stand still... so they did not decide much really...which is super frustrating because they didn't even give a timeline on when to hear back; also did not mention anything about if they are getting rid of interview all together or using alternative methods. My questions are not answered and I am not satisfied lol.
  5. I think that was if the interviews were to take place as every other year; I feel like they will compromise and let us know sooner than that hopefully.
  6. my friend emailed dal PT admissions today, so as soon as they get back to her, I will send an update on here!
  7. they cancelled the interviews for PT..I am still waiting to hear back but feel like itll take longer for PT applicants to hear anything
  8. hey y'all, I applied to PT at dal, and i am wondering if anybody emailed ptadmissions to see what their plan is with interviews. I seen on their website that they are cancelled, but i am curious if they will postpone them or make them online. This week is usually when they send out their invitations/rejections, so I am getting anxious. Hope everybody is enjoying their quarantine during this tough time.
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