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  1. Long time lurker. Applied for first time this year, things didn't go well. I'm planning on rewriting the MCAT this summer, but I'm also very conflicted on my next steps. I'll post my stats and was wondering if some discussion would help clear this up? I have a a few 2-year masters in mind that are actually pretty cool to me, but at the same time I am considering just applying again with a much more refined application than last year cause I'm not really interested in waiting 2 years to apply again lol. For reference, I just finished 4th year UG at McMaster, and an IP for Ontario (not SWOMEN): GPAs from OMSAS: Mac: 3.9+ Queens (2yr): 3.99 Western (2yr) 3.99 UofT (wGPA): 3.93 or 3.94 idk Ottawa: 3.95 or 3.96 MCAT: 129/125/132/132 (rip CARS) Tons of research (4 pubs, working on 2 more this summer, held over 5 positions throughout undergrad), many research awards (NSERC 2x, 1st place poster presentations, etc.), lots of volunteering including clinical, homeless shelters, food banks, and vulnerable populations, started my own clubs for charity, president of 3 clubs and executive of 5, lots of cultural work in my community, some unique advocacy projects I enjoyed working on and even got a paper out of, observerships, TAships, etc. So yeah, just any advice? I keep going back and forth and would like some input as to whether a masters really would help or if I should do a gap. I should note, MY BIGGEST WORRY is applying again and still getting nothing (which happened to a majority of my upper year friends and is what is driving me towards a masters). Thank you!
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