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  1. Hi there, I accepted an offer at UManitoba this Fall 2020. I've heard stories that the first year of the program is really brutal and stressful, so I'm wondering if anyone out there can share some advice or tips on how to survive the program (especially since classes might be online this fall)! Any help will be greatly appreciated
  2. Not sure if you're still preparing, but if you're free, do you want to prep together? Or trade notes?
  3. I got my UofM OT interview invite this afternoon as well! They’re sending out invites for 84-85 spots. They also received 209 applicants this year which is a lot more compared to the past two years. I’m not sure if the new interview process is fair though... It went from an hour to 15 minutes this year, so are they only going to ask us 1-3 questions?
  4. Check their most recent update on the website! They have a waitlist and a “reject” list.
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