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  1. This was the only thing I could find on the ORPAS website about this. I am curious too! If people decline their offers on the 21st, then the schools don't have time to offer it to someone else! (if they applied to the same discipline)
  2. Nooo idea im sorry! Ive been told by PTs that all that matters is the piece of paper at the end regardless of where you go. https://www.uwo.ca/coronavirus/presidents-updates/index.html I find their website as a whole pretty organized and easy to find info about housing and the program/courses etc.! The "student hub" page is super informative
  3. I spoke to someone in Westerns PT program and he had really good things to say! He said its good mix of lectures and clinical labs with a stronger focus on ortho/msk than UofT. He said he originally wanted UofT or Mac but thought Western had the best program for him. Ive heard from 10+ people in the field now that UofT probably places the least emphasis on ortho/msk, as their grads are more prepared for CR/neuro after graduation. London will be cheaper to live in than Kingston (and obvs Toronto). He also mentioned that the Western profs were really helpful during the transition online and devoted lots of their time to host small group zoom sessions and to meet with students for extra help. Western actually has a town hall tomorrow that will also be posted after that discusses their plan for the fall term.
  4. Well only 250 approx. wrote the CAP, correct? And out of those probably 120/130 ish got acceptances? Or even less? Since they know not everyone will accept their offer. So that leaves around 120 people, some of which were declined! Maybe 60/70 on the waitlist? I have no clue. Apparently last year there was very little movement, but a friend whos in the program said it was a lot of applicants' 1st choice, hence why the class size increased.
  5. Has anyone heard the plan for UofT PT/OT program delivery? Im honestly kinda worried since Toronto is a huge covid-19 hotspot right now... compared to the other main cities (london, kingston, etc.).
  6. Omg I would love to trade my Mac offer for your UofT offer aha! I doubt that is possible though
  7. Awesome congrats! Are you gonna be accepting UofT, or elsewhere? And can you see it in ACORN?
  8. Oh sorry I should've specified, but I was referring to PT only! I only applied to PT. The site says you need greater than a 3.9 gpa for OOP applicants versus greater than a 3.6 gpa for Alberta residents, and only 15% of the seats are allocated to OOP/international grrr
  9. Anyone know why the Ontario schools accept applicants regardless of their province of residence, yet Dal, UBC, UoA, etc. only take limited OOP applicants? How is this fair for us Ontario residents???? Im honestly pretty pissed about this
  10. If anyones considering UofT, will you move downtown even if classes are online? I dont wanna pay expensive rent if things are online and I could do it from home...
  11. I had a friend last summer who got accepted to Dal OT sometime in July/August from the waitlist! Keep your hopes up!
  12. https://www.uwo.ca/coronavirus/presidents-updates/ This was posted today from Western's president.
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