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  1. Thank you! I am IP and my CGPA was 3.35 - not the best tbh, had one rough year but yeah
  2. That really sucks, sorry I just heard back from an accelerated nursing program yesterday. This is so stressful
  3. I feel that It's really hard waiting. Did anyone apply for any other types of programs other than OT?
  4. When I emailed to inquire, this is the response I got on April 20th from the admissions secretary: We are proceeding as usual. You should receive a letter by the end of April. Please check our website for any updates that may be occurring.
  5. I haven't applied for any other OT program except Dal, so I am super anxious!! I really hope we hear soon. I can't stand the waiting lol!
  6. it's probably going to be an email with a electronic letter of acceptance or rejection attached
  7. Nope they said "you should receive a letter by the of April" and to check websites for updates
  8. Hey! I also emailed and they told me we will receive a letter by the end of April. Less than two more weeks of waiting, hang in there everyone!
  9. hahah that's awesome! Knowing PEI we probably know each other lol Good luck to you too! Fingers crossed
  10. waiting to hear back for Dal OT as well! I am from PEI with a neuroscience degree, went to Dal for my undergrad
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