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  1. Just got off the waitlist! I will be declining soon but good luck to those still waiting! Edit: I got an email today at 14:50 MDT saying there was a change to my status.
  2. The website lists the next potential offer, meaning that right now offers have gone out to OOP #1-#4. You are next in line for an offer, but the offer hasn't been made as of now. If the website moves to #6, and you still haven't gotten an offer, that's when you should start asking questions.
  3. It might be dry, but if I was the executive of a club with an obscure and non-descriptive name, I will have to spend some time explaining what exactly this club is about and what my roles were. Since 350 characters/words is pretty short, most of the time I stuck with: 1 sentence explaining what the club/organization was, 1 sentence explaining my roles and responsibilities, and 1 sentence explaining what I learnt from it. Personally, I feel that the reflective/vulnerability will come out better in the essay portion, because you'll have longer to expand and create a narrative.
  4. If I remember correctly, in addition to the EC descriptions with their short character limit, there was a essay in which they asked you to describe your top 5 life experiences. The word limit was ?1000 words/characters. If you're concerned about descriptive vs telling a story, you do have the option of keeping the EC descriptions "resume" style (and sneak in some "This is what I learnt and how it changed me as a person" if you have the space), then leaving the top 5 experience essay as the more reflective approach style? But I can't advise you on the best approach, because it's probably something that depends on you and your ECs.
  5. 1) Calculus 1 and 2 are not required prereqs, so they will not be included in the prereq GPA. As you said yourself, these are requirements for Med-P, not MDCM. 2) When filling out your academic workbook, you choose which courses to use as prereqs, so you should choose the two you did the best in. 3) In general terms, McGill allows courses to be retaken, and will only consider the better of two grades (In this document, Section 3, under "Grade Status". Note that this document is updated every application cycle.) However, The website also states that: IF you have previously completed all courses in OPTION 1, and wish to either improve your science GPA, you may choose to use OPTION 2 and complete the 4 recommended university-level science courses. The 4 recommended courses are: Mammalian physiology (3 cr.) Organic chemistry* (3 cr.) (University level only) Molecular biology (3 cr.) Cell biology & metabolism (3 cr.) As such, I don't know how they look at retaken Option 1 grades. Personally, I think they will allow you to redo them. In any case, you would not need to do all 7 again. That seems a bit excessive. Maybe Option 2 is available for students who completed the Option 1 prereqs in CEGEP with low grades and who are unable to retake the course because they have the credit for them? I'm not sure.
  6. That's what I did! I enrolled in MATH215 the year I applied for UOttawa (so it was "In Progress" on the transcript) and I got an interview so clearly they didn't eliminate me off the basis of missing prereqs.
  7. Je ne connais pas les programmes bien côtés de chaque université francophone. Il faut dire aussi que la force de chaque programme change chaque année, chaque université a ses préférences, et chaque université ne dévoile pas quels programmes elles considèrent comme "fort", donc c'est pas facile de deviner! Je te suggère d'aller explorer les threads sur ce forum à propos des étalons de côte de chaque université. Les gens ont mis leur GPA, programme, et CRU obtenue. SVP quelqu'un peut confirmer que je ne raconte pas n'importe quoi, mais un bac connexe à UdeM signifie simplement que tu ne dois pas faire une année préparatoire avant tes 4 ans de médecine (total 5 ans pour bac non-connexe). Je ne pense pas qu'un bac connexe ait forcément une meilleure CRU. Pour ce qui en est du bénévolat, UdeM et Sherbrooke s'en fichent un peu... C'est la CRU, le CASPer, et les MEMs qui comptent vraiment pour eux. Je me rappelle d'aucun endroit pour indiquer les activités parascolaires durant ma demande à UdeM ou Sherbrooke. Je ne sais pas pour Laval, je n'y ai pas fait demande. Par contre, McGill ne prend pas en compte la force du programme: le GPA que ton institution indique est le GPA qu'ils prennent en compte. S'il y a une conversion à faire (4.3--> 4.0), ils la font mais ils n'ajustent pas ton GPA en fonction de la "difficulté" du programme. McGill va prendre en compte les activités parascolaires dans l'évaluation de ton dossier.
  8. I didn't go to McGill, but it seems logical that you would need to take an additional 17 credits worth of courses to complete your 90-credit degree. The 73 credits listed probably only refer to required courses or "choice-among-several" courses. You'd have to go ask a program advisor or do some digging online to find out which classes can be taken as electives. If you want general advice on your undergrad (unrelated to applying to medicine), I'd suggest checking out the r/McGill thread on **DELETED**! You'd probably get more accurate information than here.
  9. I didn't do my undergrad at McGill, but I'm pretty sure that completing a Biochemistry program means graduating with a BSc. It's sort of like if you asked "if I complete an undergrad, will I graduate with an undergrad?" You'd have to check out the specific requirements for your degree on the McGill website. This would be a good place to start. If you're still hopelessly confused you should talk to a program advisor. In terms of what you need to apply to medicine at McGill, they do ask for prereqs: -2 introductory Biology courses with labs (at least 6 cr.); -2 introductory Chemistry courses with labs (at least 6 cr.); -1 introductory Organic Chemistry course with lab (at least 3 cr.); -2 introductory Physics courses with labs (at least 6 cr.). These courses can be from CEGEP, IB, AP, or just regular university courses.
  10. I think someone in my cohort is currently enrolled in a PhD program at UdeM but is enrolled full-time in med at McGill. They're planning on completing it by taking some gap years like the MD/PhD students. I don't know more details unfortunately...
  11. The second years have already voted on the color for the incoming 2024 (2023 for Calgary/Western) class.
  12. Yep! C'est mon premier choix donc éventuellement je vais m'enlever de la liste d'attente d'UOttawa, mais je voulais juste laisser mes stats dans le forum pour augmenter le nombre de données~~
  13. Ottawa, it seems, has transitioned to the CMA backpacks, so no more black backpacks now~
  14. Création: 11:19:02 (autre heure 07:06:14) Réception: 7:19 wGPA: 3.92 (Si j'ai bien compris, il faut prendre le OMSAS GPA par année et ensuite appliquer la pondération par année?)
  15. I would make sure they know beforehand that a call about you may be coming, and personally I would feel more comfortable if they knew who I was. The risk you run with a front desk staff is that they forget about you. Verifiers can be contacted anytime from October to May, so a front desk staff who manages dozens of calls and people per day may not remember about that one person who asked them to be a verifier. While I don't believe verifiers are asked about your personality, it's easier for everyone if the verifier can recall who you were quickly if admissions gives them your name. Once again, that courtesy email can go a long way to put you back on their radar and on their minds!
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