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  1. Is anyone on here a OOP Dal PT applicant that got an acceptance offer? I'm losing track. Everyone I've seen on here so far has been a PT OOP waitlist, or a PT Atlantic acceptance.
  2. I'm on the Dal PT waitlist, and I'll probably stay here in Edmonton until January! My partner lives here so that would make the most sense for us.
  3. Is anyone considering emailing Dal PT Admissions to see what spot they are in on the waitlist? Those who've been accepted to Dal PT - when is the deadline to accept your offer? Do you know if that date is different for OOP vs. Atlantic students?
  4. I didn't! I was missing some prerequisites/wanted to upgrade my GPA and decided in mid Jan to apply to Dal since it was the only school that had an application that was still open. I also applied under the Equitable Admissions Policy. If I don't get into Dal (really hope I do) I'll upgrade and apply to UofA, Dal, Western, and Queens next year...and maybe UofT.
  5. Hey guys - just got my waitlist offer for Dal PT! Really hope there's some movement!! I'm OOP from Alberta.
  6. Same here - almost there!! Maybe we will hear early next week
  7. Same here! Mine has said MSc the whole time - I applied to PT
  8. I feel like all Dal OOP people could expect to hear back anytime this week or next. I don't know if they would be able to give you an exact day.
  9. Congrats everyone!! I wonder when Dal PT will be out! Maybe they're doing OT at the front end of the week and PT offers later this week or next !
  10. Ahhhh I really hope I get in I'm currently obsessing and SO READY for grad school
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