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  1. Hey guys does anybody know when we'll find out if we got in or not?
  2. I don't think so! I think they send rejections after the interviews.
  3. I haven't received anything yet either but I'm assuming that we could be getting something either today or tomorrow because of the easter long weekend.
  4. Can we fill out that interview acceptance form more than once? I'm just wondering if I accidentally declined when I meant to confirm haha
  5. It says that we should receive another email within 1-2 business days but I haven't gotten anything yet after the interview invite.
  6. Have you received the other email or is that the only one you've received since accepting?
  7. Has anybody received the confirmation email after accepting their interview offer? Not the automatic generated one but the one that they were supposed to send 1-2 business days after you accept your interview offer.
  8. Does anyone know when interview invitations are usually sent out?
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