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  1. Does anyone who's familiar with Prince George have any suggestions about where to live while attending UBCs NMP? Neighbourhoods that are well-located? Thanks so much
  2. I wrote the MCAT 2 years ago and scored at 508 (all sections above 124, with 126 in CARS) and Im trying to decide if I should attempt to re-write it this summer. I'm worried about doing worse, as I would only have between now and mid-August to prepare (and I work full-time). For UBC, is it possible to become ineligible? If say, I got an overall score that was higher, but one section had below 124? Any insight into how they look at it if you do worse? Apparently you have to release all MCAT scores to UBC. Or if you have at least one MCAT that meets their requirements (all sections above 124) then you are all good? I just dont want to risk becoming ineligible for the upcoming cycle, seeing as I've made it to the waitlist for UBC this cycle with my 508 score. I'm IP Any advice much appreciated!
  3. If there's another wave of Covid in the fall, and the 2 week travel quarantines are still in place by February 2021, is it likely that the MMI's will be online?
  4. I'm taking an online course through TRU. Very flexible. Doable if you put in the work. Cost depends on where you live, and they have cost calculators on their website which are useful.
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