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  1. Also wondering about this too
  2. Curious if anyone was able to get an extension?
  3. I was accepted at Dal OOP but turning down for UofT
  4. Result: Accepted - St George Timestamp: 9:14 am wGPA/cGPA: 3.92 (wGPA) MCAT: 513 ECs: Pretty diverse ranging from years of research, sports, music, clubs, advocacy, and pedagogy with leadership positions in all of these. Definitely one of the strong parts of my application imo Essays: Spent months on them. Reviewed by a few MDs and a couple friends. Interview: Felt really good about 3 and average about 1 In-person or Virtual: In-person Year: Finishing up MSc Geography: IP
  5. Will be declining my Dal OOP offer in favour of UofT. Goodluck to those on waitlist!
  6. When did you get the offer letter? Still waiting on mine
  7. OOP Accepted at Dal, waiting on Toronto and Ottawa
  8. Accepted! OOP MCAT: 513 GPA: 3.8 Finishing up MSc 3rd time applying and finally paid off! Congrats to everyone else accepted and good luck to those on the waitlist and anyone who wasn't accepted this year. Don't lose hope.
  9. I'm thinking Thursday as well. If it's not this week I'll be pretty confused because it's been 4 weeks since they announced the delay.
  10. Anyone know when the survey for academy preference at St George campus will come out?
  11. I'd also assume early April (this week or next week) but you never know
  12. According to page 17 of this PDF, 109 OOP students were interviewed. Is this normal? I thought it was the top ranking 50-60 students that were interviewed. Are there more OOP spots this year or is the competition greater now? https://afmc.ca/sites/default/files/pdf/2020_admission-requirements_EN.pdf
  13. Long time lurker here, this wait is agonizing but this forum keeps me going haha
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