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  1. Hi DNA Doc, I'm a med student interested in medgen, and read this thread a while back. Glad to have you back! I have a few questions: 1) Is it expected (or even required) for medical geneticists to "subspecialize" after their 5-year residency nowadays? I know you've talked a bit about this in a previous post (a few years back), but I often hear of R5s continuing to do lab fellowships or post docs after their residency before they start working as staff. Is it a job competition problem or do they do it out of personal/professional interest? 2) I know neurogenetics is mostly a subspecialty of neurology, but can geneticists also subspecialize in neurogenetics as well, and if so how do the roles of these different neurogeneticists differ? Thanks so much for your answers! (and stay safe everyone!)
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