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  1. La liste d’attente collégiale est rendu jusqu’à quoi l’Annee passe ?
  2. Do you guys know how hard it is to maintain a 3.5 GPA first year at McGill?
  3. We’re all the offers sent our already?
  4. Is the conditional acceptance just passing ur CEGEP courses or do u have to get a certain average?
  5. It moved until 22 for the Montreal campus and 30 something for Outaouais. U have a good chance!
  6. People say McGill is more well known internationally and has a better reputation in that sense but I’m not sure. I’m in the same position as u. Let me know if you get any more info!
  7. I dont really understand- why are there 230 offers if there are only 136 places?
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