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  1. Not that i'm aware of! Would be nice to have one though
  2. I've decided to accept Western MPT and would love to talk to others who did the same
  3. I declined McGill QY, Dal, and Toronto (all PT) so hopefully people on the waitlist here back soon!
  4. For the QY! My sGPA is 3.91 and cumulative is 3.85 (from ORPAS)
  5. I was accepted, however, they extended the deadline to June 12th so you may know more after that date
  6. Hey!! congrats!!! do you mind sharing your ORPAS sub gap and cumulative gpa? so others, including myself, can have an idea of where we may stand
  7. Mine too! But this may have been updated for every applicant
  8. Has anyone else heard back from Mcgill PT QY?? Anxiously waiting since I seen a post that someone was accepted yesterday
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