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  1. My friend was number 7 and now is number 5, I showed her this post! Did everyone get moved or just that one person???
  2. After all the help and advice I think I've made the choice to join all you guys at LAVAL MD SQUADDD lmaooo. Hope to see all of you amazing applicants one day if we can ever go to school :/ Thanks for all the support!!!!! Stats: McGill 4.0/4.0, 90 credits, bach non connex, Admis laval, sherb, mcmaster, LA McGill, Udem et Queens, refused Toronto and Ottawa :/ First cycle (very blessed!)
  3. Macleans rates Laval higher for the past three years, no? And laval is in a nicer place like sherbrook is in the middle of no where...maybe theres more of a student life? UGGHHH I was so set how do I make this choice....not to be ignorant im very grateful just want advice :/
  4. Hey guys quick question...I was offered a spot in both laval and sherb, I want as many people to respond to this as possible! What would YOU chose laval or sherb. In my opinion im taking laval over sherb based on curriculum, how nice the campus, my friends that go there, and laval is a higher standing... But why do I feel like people would still chose sherb. To ME it seems obvious am I missing something....?????
  5. Pour plus de contexte, jai terminé 3 ans en kine, est ce que udem me donne quelque chose proche que laval comme 36.3 ou plus?
  6. Est ce que quelqun peux me dire combien un 4.0/4.0 de McGill en kine me donne a UdeM? Je veux vraiment savoir mon CRU?
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