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  1. finally our transcript says receive
  2. im not applying to dent but my friend who was waitlist and not even in top 3, like he was so far from the top got his acceptance like 2 days ago so they must be doing something differently cause i do not know how that is possible and he is in province
  3. Yeah, I was looking at the curriculum and the classes, it does not look like there are any labs for first year pharmacy but I could be wrong
  4. So if everything is online, do you think people who lives outside of saskatoon or from a different province should stay home and just do the course there?
  5. nope. but it has to be next week or idk what's going on
  6. I'am also an in Province student, I have similar GPA to urs. I don't think that I did to good on the CASPER and I also slipped on one of the interview questions but I still have hope because I don't think a lot of people apply since the program has changed.
  7. Yeah it's almost May soon. So they would have to start sending rejection emails soon.
  8. Nope. Still waiting for any type of info from them.
  9. oh okay. lol I thought it was last week. congratulations.
  10. when did you receive your interview if you don't mind asking?
  11. did any out of province students received an invitation?
  12. Hey. I was wondering how is the program at UBC? Is it a heavy course load? I just want to know if its possible to do a part time job while in the program or is it too heavy? Thanks
  13. Do you mind me asking if you received an interview yet? I just know its harder for out of province students.
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