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  1. Highly unlikely :p I am finding it really difficult to make a choice when my interest/passion does not seem to align with what I would like to get out of life outside of the hospital... Was it easy for you to choose?
  2. It blows my mind. I have also heard Peds ER often make much, much more than that. Money is certainly not the most important aspect for me in choosing a specialty, but lifestyle is important... Sometimes I wonder if I am not about to get screwed by gunning for a fairly intense surgical specialty lol
  3. Do ER docs actually make this "little"? I was under the impression they were bringing home 400k+
  4. so not for life then? The matching struggles for IMG is certain, I'm not sure if it goes beyond that to a significant extent after the match. Other factors will matter much more than your UG Med School when it comes to fellowship and employment.
  5. "If you don't like it don't apply" is a terrible thing to say. Admissions Committees are entrusted with tremendous social responsibility and owe both society and applicants equity and fairness in the process. OP is certainly a particularly entitled, arrogant and whiny applicant, sure. But AdComs had to make decisions pertaining to the pandemic and those decisions came with their controversies and disagreements. This is the perfect place to voice them and discuss them IMHO.
  6. Absolutely re: awards And it's ok not to be big on research so long as you are pretty good on other areas of your application. I do encourage you to do some in the future in a field you're interested in however
  7. I got into a BSc at McGill a few years ago after failing a Bio class in CEGEP. Wouldn't worry too much if your r score is ok.
  8. You can and it isn't a bad idea to get involved but maybe try to have a little sense as to what specialty you might be interested in? I'd start by shadowing and answer a few basic questions regarding your future career before jumping into a project.
  9. I'm not actually angry at you. This is derailing the thread so I will apologize. I could have made my point differently as someone above did. It is important that we all realize that while the criteria are the same, it can be substantially more difficult for some to meet them based on their situations in life. I think we can agree on this?
  10. It's not false. We don't have the same obligations outside of school. You don't have to think about whether you can afford to re-apply or whether it's time to give up and get a job. You don't have to worry about whether you have the time or luxury to take up a 3rd volunteering opportunity or a research project because you don't have to get a job to pay for tuition. I say "You" and not "people of high SES" because someone who isn't entirely clueless wouldn't have said this. Sure, people have to meet the same criteria. How hard it might be to achieve them is another story. Lighten up.
  11. That's kind of the same question with different words haha
  12. What do you guys suggest be done specifically regarding admission processes? The matriculants are a reflection of the applicant pool to a large extent. These are the people that medicine attracts, regardless of program of origin.
  13. I think I have an idea what they like about that...
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