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  1. I got into a BSc at McGill a few years ago after failing a Bio class in CEGEP. Wouldn't worry too much if your r score is ok.
  2. You can and it isn't a bad idea to get involved but maybe try to have a little sense as to what specialty you might be interested in? I'd start by shadowing and answer a few basic questions regarding your future career before jumping into a project.
  3. I'm not actually angry at you. This is derailing the thread so I will apologize. I could have made my point differently as someone above did. It is important that we all realize that while the criteria are the same, it can be substantially more difficult for some to meet them based on their situations in life. I think we can agree on this?
  4. It's not false. We don't have the same obligations outside of school. You don't have to think about whether you can afford to re-apply or whether it's time to give up and get a job. You don't have to worry about whether you have the time or luxury to take up a 3rd volunteering opportunity or a research project because you don't have to get a job to pay for tuition. I say "You" and not "people of high SES" because someone who isn't entirely clueless wouldn't have said this. Sure, people have to meet the same criteria. How hard it might be to achieve them is another story. Lighten up.
  5. That's kind of the same question with different words haha
  6. What do you guys suggest be done specifically regarding admission processes? The matriculants are a reflection of the applicant pool to a large extent. These are the people that medicine attracts, regardless of program of origin.
  7. I think I have an idea what they like about that...
  8. Ok yeah. Can also consider Athabasca however it is much more pricey. DW you will be moere than fine. That being said again you do not need calculus courses as prerequisites for McGill med. The Basic Phys CEGEP courses should not have a substantial amount of calculus. I didn't have any in mine...
  9. You don't have to take calculus. Phys1 is easy. Where are you taking it?
  10. I want to contrast the above by saying I found it much easier to redo it (redid at couple of Cegeps and Athabasca) as I felt I was more mature and better motivated to address them. My grades were at least 90 in all of them. It's easier when you're more motivated I had very poor grades in CEGEP as well.
  11. Won't make you any less competitive. It's a pretty poor attitude not gonna lie and you'll keep these habits in med school. People generally don't like that. I encourage you to be open, work hard for your future and help your friends as well
  12. Hi, You should certainly apply. You should also not feel shy about asking referees to send LORs again and again. It took me several times before I got in. They were always happy to help. As a future staff I would do the same happily for the people I believed in. I empathize with the particular situation you are in, please inbox me if you have more questions regarding applications. I am from Quebec though but did apply and interview in Ontario. Re: LORs, I don't know how Ontario schools specifically use them however: - Service job LOR can be a strong one. Issue with this is sometimes they are not accustomed to writing LORs and may need more help with it. Perhaps you could offer them to ask you questions or an example, or suggest some points to touch on. - Class you took and got an A on: you are right that this is weak. Cannot comment on you as a person, ethic, character. I remember when I was applying I asked one just because I needed an extra number (US school asked LOR from a prof with which I took a class). Prof declined as he felt he did not have much to say about me. He was right. -Remote volunteering: highly depends, but possibly similar issue as #2. It's better when your referee knows you a little.
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