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  1. Hi, I received an email from western which recommended me for a post-graduate diploma in applied health sciences. Is this diploma helpful for admission to OT? Does its GPA count toward OT admission? Thanks.
  2. Mine is a bit higher than you. But most OT programs look at sGPA
  3. Yes. Will try again next year. But will take more courses to boost GPA
  4. I am sorry to hear that. But you can always reapply. Where are you from?
  5. I wonder if Mac and other schools in Ontario except queens and u of t have reduced recruiting number this year as well?
  6. Looks like most universities in Ontario don’t take in as many OT applicants as in past years? I feel that’s unfair. Why don’t they just write it on their website?
  7. How many students does Queens OT usually recruit ? Where do you see queens mention the small class size?
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