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  1. Does anyone know if master degree gpa is counted towards gpa for admission
  2. Thanks. And if I don’t take it with a full course load, does it count towards gpa calculation
  3. Hi everyone, I don’t think I will get admitted to OT program this year. But I did get into nursing . I wonder if it is helpful to get into OT as an experienced nurse? Any input would be appreciated.
  4. I hope we ot applicant will hear from Dal soon as well even if it is a rejection
  5. I was rejected by queens, and I still haven’t heard from dal. Hope I will hear back soon even it is a rejection.
  6. Me, do you think nothing on ORPA S mead there is no hope for an offer!
  7. ORPAS showed the offer last night if it has one whether queens sent the email or not?
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